Altech Autopage Cellular launches capped consumer ADSL service

Altech Autopage Cellular, SA’s leading Independent Service Provider, has announced today that it is launching its first-to-market consumer ADSL product offering.

Available through retail stores countrywide, the service promises competitive pricing and faster Internet connectivity for consumers across the country.

Clients can now expect to receive one bill at the end of the month for all their services and can direct all queries to one call centre, whether it’s on how to set up their ADSL or activate international roaming on their BlackBerry.

As a result of the merger with Altech Technology Concepts, Altech Autopage Cellular is fast changing the cellular and Internet landscape by offering its clients GSM and ISP solutions under one roof – a first in the South African retail space.

Says CEO Boyd Chislett, “As we continue to scale our base through the merger of Altech Technology Concepts and Altech Autopage Cellular, we are committed to improving on performance, redundancy and product innovation. As such, we have become a fully fledged one-stop shop for the communication needs of consumers and small and medium businesses – thereby offering a holistic connectivity solution for all South Africans.”

The ADSL offering is aimed at home-users and promises reliable Internet connectivity from a quality network with well-priced data options. “Offering ADSL in our retail stores provides our customers with a personalised face-to-face interaction with expert advice from consultants,” adds Chislett.

Clients will be able to choose from month-to-month capped ADSL data contracts in denominations of 5GB, 10GB, 15GB and 20GB. Data costs range from R79.00 for 5GB to R279.00 for 20GB.

Existing Altech Autopage Cellular clients will receive a 10% purchase discount on ADSL data, as well as the convenience of one consolidated bill, and all clients will receive full data on sign up – no pro-rata applicable.

Says Deidre Dawson, Executive of Product, Development and Innovation, “We’re offering capped data packages for one simple reason – to ensure a reliable, predictable and quality experience for our customers, which is something that uncapped solutions cannot guarantee.”

“A key differentiator of the product is Percol8 ADSL, a value added service offering that allows customers to manage their family’s web browsing activities through advanced web filtering and parental control technology – a must-have for all modern families. This is available free of charge to clients who sign up before 20 November 2012,” Dawson continued.

For more information, clients can visit any of the Altech Autopage Cellular stores nationwide or visit for further details.

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Altech Autopage Cellular launches capped consumer ADSL service