Antfarm to broadcast 1944 Warsaw Flights commemoration

Video streaming service provider Antfarm to broadcast 1944 Warsaw Flights commemoration over the Internet – for the fourth year

Antfarm, one of the country’s leading video streaming service providers, has announced that it facilitating the live video broadcast of the Commemoration of the 68th anniversary of the Warsaw Flights that took place during the Second World War in August and September 1944.
The Commemoration religious service , commencing at 11 :00 Hrs is to be held at the Katyn Memorial in James & Ethel Gray Park, Johannesburg, on 8th September. This is the fourth year in which Antfarm has facilitated the live video broadcast of the Warsaw Flights Commemoration.
Jacek Dziembowski, a director of Antfarm – and of Polish descent – said the Warsaw Flights represent a poignant memory for Poles and South African Airmen.

During the Second World War, by August 1, 1944, the Russians had advanced within miles of east of Warsaw.

“History reflects that General “Bor” Komorowski, and the leaders of the Polish underground resistance (the “Home Army”), believed the time was right for rebellion against the Nazi forces. Stalin, however, reneged on earlier promises to assist the Poles and halted his troops 15 miles east of the Vistula River – just 48 hours prior to the Polish Home Guard launching their offensive.
“Desperate – and with their backs to the wall – the Polish Home Army turned to the British and Americans for much needed arms, ammunition and medical supplies. But the only way this could be done was by organizing almost suicidal air drops. These sorties called for a flight of 1 800 km from bases in Southern Italy over heavily defended occupied territory.”

Out of the 186 sorties, 92 were deemed successful.
A total of 69 South African pilots lost their lives during the Warsaw Air Lift mission.

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Antfarm to broadcast 1944 Warsaw Flights commemoration