Internet Solutions opts for greater project functionality with Project Portfolio Office

African Internet Protocol-based communications service provider, Internet Solutions (IS) has ended its search for a comprehensive project management tool that combined effective functionality with ease of use, electing to implement Project Portfolio Office, an online project portfolio management (PPM) and collaboration application.

“IS required a more efficient way for its project managers and business unit operations managers to manage its projects and programmes,” explains Roland Pepper, carrier operations manager at IS. “By using an integrated and automated project management system like PPO, IS will be able to follow a more structured and disciplined approach to planning, organising, leading, coordinating and controlling projects, with the main objective of producing better quality business deliverables.

“Our decision to implement PPO was strongly influenced by its positive, established reputation in the marketplace, where is it being widely utilised by some of the largest process and procedure dependent companies in the country.”

Says Guy Jelley, CEO at Project Portfolio Office: “The beauty of PPO is that it has been designed by project managers to assist project teams within organisations of any size and across all industries. Not only does it help to plan, manage, collaborate, execute and report on projects, programmes and portfolios, PPO is also simple to use, yet enterprise capable, with numerous preconfigured solutions available.

“A true Software as a Service (SaaS) application, PPO is immediately available, with no long-term contract and it is billed per active user per month, with the real-time ability to change the user base. In addition, the solution is highly flexible and can be configured to support any methodology.” Jelley adds.

PPO is currently used on over 35,000 projects for companies of all sizes and across a number of industries.

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Internet Solutions opts for greater project functionality with Project Portfolio Office