Schneider Electric SA introduces Acti 9 Control

 The first complete high performance modular system to integrate seamlessly with any energy monitoring and control system

With five generations of industry experience in the design and manufacture of final low-voltage modular systems, Schneider Electric South Africa introduces the company’s Acti 9 Control, a complete final distribution system that provides innovative load monitoring and control, and completely safe and simple installation and maintenance. Acti 9 Control easily connects to any facility management system and now becomes an essential element in energy efficiency solutions.

In the past, integrating final distribution panels with facility management solutions could be a challenge. Running control and communication cabling, in addition to electrical wiring, could be complex, error-prone, and time-consuming. System integrators, panel designers and even maintenance personnel – whose job is to ensure their installation always operates smoothly – had to make their final distribution panels performed and communicated properly.

“Schneider Electric South Africa understands the need for simple, error-free installation, performance and maintenance,” says Sibusiso Skosana, LV product marketing manager at Schneider Electric South Africa. “That’s why Schneider Electric designed the Acti 9 Control range and its Smartlink communication system to be simple to use, ready-to-connect and easily integrated with facility management architecture. It combines basic control with optimum protection, and now becomes the new, major component for energy efficiency solutions, even in the most demanding environments.”

With flexible and robust Modbus communications – and pre-fabricated wiring for instant, error-proof connectivity – Acti 9 Control saves up to 40 percent of time spent with control wiring. Plus, with real-time data coming from panels and circuits, customers can truly fine-tune their electrical loads to reduce costs, allocate costs and manage their energy.

The system auto-adapts to customer parameters so it can integrate quickly and adjust to any future requirements. Other Acti 9 components such as the integrated control circuit breaker Reflex iC60, remote control auxiliary RCA iC60, energy meters, contactors and impulse relays work seamlessly with the entire modular system, making Acti 9 perfect for the dynamic requirements of a wide variety of energy efficiency applications. Plus, exclusive features like VisiSafe, VisiTrip and a Class 2 front face make Acti 9 safe to use and easy to maintain.

Acti 9 allows for efficient building management, eliminated downtime, and an even more competitive business. All products are also made from 100 percent recyclable and recoverable materials, and are completely environmentally friendly. Customers can meet developing environmental certifications or requirements, both now and in the future, and minimise impact from the design stage through the installation’s lifetime of use and eventual recycling.

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Schneider Electric SA introduces Acti 9 Control