AIGS introduces Breakthrough in Business Rules Management Software

Sub Saharan distributor of Progress Software, AIGS, has announced that they will be launching the Corticon Business Rules Management System in October 2012.

Corticon enables organisations to make better, faster decisions by automating business rules and is used by over 450 customers to automate their most complex decisions processes – reducing development and change cycles by 90%.

“Corticon empowers organisations to improve productivity and customer service through its agility, allowing businesses in volatile markets to adapt quickly to changing market conditions,” says Premie Naicker, Chief Operating Officer of AIGS. “What makes the product particularly powerful though is that it empowers businesses to manage the rules themselves – even complex algorithms – which eliminates the typical IT bottleneck. It’s particularly well-suited to industries that have a vast number of processes and products.”

The event will include the presentation of both local and international case studies, an interactive live demonstration and an examination of both complex and simple rules. The event will start at 08.30 on the 18th October. Those wishing to attend can register on or contact [email protected] for further information.

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AIGS introduces Breakthrough in Business Rules Management Software