DCC delivers Huawei consumer product range to the local market

Enhancing their existing consumer product range, Drive Control Corporation (DCC) is introducing a range of products from Huawei, geared for the consumer, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) and Small Office Home Office (SoHo) markets. The range includes 3G modems, ADSL routers and tablets that will provide connectivity and enhance mobility.

The technology needs and requirements of consumers have expanded considerably and this is evident with the increasing number of mobile devices that are used for both business and personal use. Further driving this trend is the increased availability and affordability of bandwidth along with the proliferation of devices that allow users to work and play on the move. As a result, Internet connectivity and mobility have become two core requirements of consumers. DCC is meeting this requirement head on with the availability of Huawei’s connectivity products and tablets to the consumer market.

“Huawei is one of the leading brands worldwide when it comes to connectivity, especially within the telecommunications environment. DCC is now able to deliver the same quality of brand that enterprises have enjoyed to the consumer market with its range of routers, 3G modems and tablets,’ says Zandre Rudolph, Retail Manager DCC.

Huawei is well known in the enterprise communication and telecommunications market and currently serves 45 of the world’s top 50 telecom operators. Its products and solutions are deployed in over 140 countries and they are supporting the communication needs of one third of the world’s population.

“Huawei is a premier brand and has excelled with their offering for the enterprise market. By introducing its ADSL offering to the consumer market, Huawei offers value for money while delivering the same quality that enterprises have come to expect. DCC is leveraging this advantage with the inclusion of Huawei’s range of connectivity products.”

Huawei’s consumer range is available from DCC resellers and selected retail outlets.

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DCC delivers Huawei consumer product range to the local market