Mindjet launches integrated service, unifying web, mobile and desktop products into single offering

New Mindjet service promotes better ideas and powerful collaboration leading to significant productivity gains

Mindjet has announced the integration of all desktop, web, mobile and on-premise products into one collaborative work management service. Now customers get the power of Mindjet’s MindManager and the flexibility of Stevie award winning Mindjet Connect at one subscription price, with the ubiquity of Mindjet Mobile, under the single Mindjet brand. A complete offering, customers receive Mindjet’s visual collaboration and task management capabilities for brainstorming, creating plans or tracking milestones across teams on whatever device they choose, from wherever they are in the world. The new Mindjet offering will be generally available on September 20, 2012 at 6AM PDT, 2PM BST and 3PM CEST.

Mindjet provides a visual way to generate better ideas that are seamlessly tracked with project and task management capabilities, leading to greater accountability and success. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, better collaboration can increase productivity by 25 percent ¹.

“Mindjet is changing the way people work. We’re creating a single collaboration space for professionals to work inspired and generate real results.” said Scott Raskin, Mindjet CEO. “The new Mindjet offering brings together our MindManager brainstorming and mapping capabilities with Connect social task management into an integrated collaboration service that’s available anywhere.”

The McKinsey report also stated that businesses could unlock $1.3 trillion through social collaboration. “Unfortunately, almost 80 percent of organisations aren’t reaping the full rewards from their social technologies used for interacting with employees, customer and business partners,” explained Bruce Skjolde, channel manager for Mindjet’s Emerging Markets. “Mindjet believes that we’re not making the most of this because there’s too much time spent focusing on the tactics and not enough time spent on ideas. And this is something we are prepared to change.”

Included as part of the new Mindjet release, the company launched the latest version of MindManager, Mindjet 11 for Windows, with powerful new capabilities:

  •      Intuitive planning and budgeting that auto calculate project costs and expenses;
  •      Synchronisation of tasks and assignments across desktop, web, mobile and on premise applications; and
  •      Customisable workspace that allows for modification of menus and creation of custom ribbons to suit what you do most often.

For a complete list of updated Mindjet functionality click here. See the new Mindjet – Jess3 “Get Connected” video. Get the one-minute Mindjet overview. View new Mindjet product images.

Customers and tech insiders are raving about how Mindjet boosts productivity:

“Mindjet has become key in optimising productivity both for myself and across my team. The ability to search through projects visually and share ideas and information with ease helps everyone to pinpoint insight faster, and helps my team and I simplify information for use in plans and proposals. We’ve found that collaborating together using Mindjet’s software has improved efficiency and understanding too. Each member of the team can now get an overview of tasks and progress, helping them to manage their time more effectively and in turn produce better results.” – Iain Byers, UKIT – Service and Product Management at PwC.

“Mindjet has extended its mapping and brainstorming software to drive the science of innovation with additional social task management tools.  Mindjet’s integrated cloud service simplifies collaboration across teams and enables real work to drive business.” – Jim Lundy, lead analyst, Aragon Research.

The new Mindjet offering is available immediately for new customers at €360 (approximately R3,850) for an annual subscription at http://www.mindjet.com/shop.  Existing customers can contact their Mindjet representative for upgrade pricing options. To sign up for a free 30-day trial click here.

To learn more about collaboration, the visualisation of information and agile business practices, visit Conspire, the Mindjet blog, at http://blog.mindjet.com.

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Mindjet launches integrated service, unifying web, mobile and desktop products into single offering