Simplify your Life with Energizer’s Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers

Energizer, global leader in portable power, has upgraded their recharge range with a complete line of long-lasting, rechargeable batteries and chargers in dynamic new packaging for power-demand products.

Energizer Rechargeable Batteries

This core range has been designed to meet specific needs of the three major market segments. Where do you fit in?

“COOL DAD”. This is also perfect for the cool Mum who, like the male of the species, is always curious about what’s new on the market and also offers great value for money, but still goes for trusted brands. If you need a battery that can be recharged hundreds of times – specially to keep the kids’ toys on the go – you have found your niche.

“IN A HURRY’. If you’re always on the move – rushing, rushing, rushing – looking for a quick-charge battery that  combines convenience and long life with speed to keep the fun going, going, going, you’ll be right at home with this group. Oh – and the battery will hold the charge because you don’t have time to recharge more than two or three times a month.

“TECHIE”. Are you intensely interested in all the latest technology, demanding knowledge of specific features and performance details, and to have all your hi-tech gadgets powered at all times? Then you are definitely a ‘techie’ who doesn’t want to waste time recharging more than once a month.

So what has Energizer got for you in the new core AA & AAA recharge range?

The two types of product segments in the Energizer rechargeable battery range to meet the characteristics we’ve just described are all pre-charged and ready to use, straight out of the package. They also boast the unified characteristic of holding their charge for up to one year – and hold its charge when not in use.

ENERGIZER RECHARGE UNIVERSAL. The batteries serve a wide range of devices, are ready to use and hold a charge for up to one year.

ENERGIZER RECHARGE EXTREME. The ultimate battery type for the demanding Techie whose hi-tech devices need maximum power. Furthermore Recharge Extreme batteries last up to six times longer.

When next you are looking for a new recharge battery think of the 3Cs – and think Energizer:

  • Capacity: how long does the battery last with each charge?
  • Cycle life:  how many times can the battery be charged before failure?
  • Charge retention: how long does the battery retain its charge when not in use?

Energizer Chargers 

The range of re-designed Energizer chargers are packaged using 40% less plastic, which is great for the environment and comes standard with the new range of rechargeable batteries. The re-designed packaging clearly highlights the features of each charger, giving you an easy reference that will make shopping for battery chargers a breeze. Each charger has features best suited to your needs:

ENERGIZER MINI CHARGER. Featuring a new design, the Mini Charger will provide you with an entry-level charger to charge your rechargeable batteries efficiently.

ENERGIZER VALUE CHARGER. Offering you a lightweight charger-solution, the Value Charger offers you a great travel solution.

ENERGIZER COMPACT CHARGER. The Compact Charger features an automatic shut-off function, an ability to detect bad batteries and LED charging indicators, allowing you to monitor closely the charge of your batteries.

To add to the excitement of introducing Energizer’s upgraded new recharge range, watch out for all the fun activities in-store that will give you lots of opportunities to win terrific prizes. Spot prizes and ten sets of fantastic major prizes are up for grabs.  Go for it!

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Simplify your Life with Energizer’s Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers