Bytes releases new solution for biometrics management

Bytes Systems Integration has released its ground-breaking biometric management software NAVAJO, a non-proprietary device-agnostic solution that caters for any type of biometric device for access control.

Conceptualised in 2009, the solution has already been implemented with great success by companies like Pick n Pay, Luxottica and The Platinum Group. At Pick n Pay, for example, NAVAJO manage biometric templates (fingerprints) for more than 45000 people as well as approximately 1000 biometric devices around the country.

It adds that the solution ensures that the right employees and contractors are allowed through the right doors, and that time and attendance data is transferred from the devices to the time and attendance software and ultimately to the payroll.

“Navajo is enterprise proven, scalable and provides a framework for multiple modality support,” says Barry Jacobs, solutions developer at Bytes Systems Integration. “In addition, the solution can be used for multiple devices and does not lock customers into any particular vendor. That’s important for large organisations as it means they can add to their existing infrastructure as and when necessary, rather than having to rip out and replace all their devices.”

NAVAJO’s set of centralised biometric management features enables the seamless integration of biometric functionality into business solutions, making these systems more secure and effective. A major advantage it its support for a wide range of enterprise demands and various access control mechanisms.

“The solution has been developed from the ground up to address the lack of non-proprietary software nationally and internationally,” says Jacobs. “Up to now, customers who have bought into a specific biometrics brand have been locked into the whole solution. With NAVAJO as the middleware, they can now interface with any device they choose. That means that if a biometrics manufacturer goes out of business, the customer will not be forced to replace all their devices. In addition, with NAVAJO, enrolling biometric information is a simple process for employees as it has to be done once only.”

Bytes Systems Integration will be targeting the retail, manufacturing, financial services, medical, hospitality and transport industries, where the requirements for authentication and security are most in demand. Jacobs says Bytes Systems Integration plans to sell NAVAJO through a channel market to existing competitors or partners alike.

“Our target market includes any type of corporate business where people have to log into highly secure applications using biometrics. The technology has grown enormously in the last few years, and employees are becoming accustomed to using biometrics solutions for security and time and attendance. Importantly, it has also gained acceptance by the country’s unions.”

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Bytes releases new solution for biometrics management