Vox Telecom upgrades its teleconferencing solution

Vox Telecom’s easy-to-use hosted teleconferencing solution, Voxair, now allows for up to 150 people to connect to the same audio conference. Unlike other teleconferencing tools that only allow up to 10 participants. It is easy to subscribe and setup. Call plans are customised around your needs whether it be weekly, monthly or ad-hoc conferencing.

“Voxair is an essential business tool,” says Gene van der Walt, head of the Visual Communications division of Vox Telecom. “Users can call in from any network, whether it’s fixed or mobile, any time of the day, from anywhere. There is no limit on the duration of the conference and it is absolutely secure.”

Participants can simply dial a number, enter the pin code that is unique to their “Virtual Room” and notify participants that it is time to dial in. “The benefit here is that a conference call can be set up within minutes,” van der Walt says. This gives the service – and its users – greater flexibility.”

Van der Walt says that the product can be used for regional/national sales meetings, product training, or educational seminars, which eliminates travel time and costs.

“This means that the option is not only environmentally friendly, but also extremely cost- and time-efficient,” van der Walt concludes.

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Vox Telecom upgrades its teleconferencing solution