‘Sleek and Savvy Beats on the move,’ with Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox and Beatbox Portable.

If the sound of a pounding bass line gets your heart pumping, or a lush midrange moves your mind and exceptional sound quality is what you’re after, then this high-definition audio system is exactly what you need to add another dimension to your listening experience.  Don’t let the size of the Beatbox speaker fool you, this device is perfect for big rooms that need big sound and it delivers an experience that will rival that of any multi-speaker club system.

Advanced components mean louder, deeper sounds with professional-grade engineering to play the music how the artist intended it, with a distortion-free sound at higher volumes and real bass at all levels. Although the Beatbox is powered by its supply unit, it is designed to be portable enough to turn into a party box wherever you can find a power point.

Over the last couple of years, the collaboration between Dr. Dre and Monster has led to the production of sleek audio products such as headphones and earphones but with their first iPod dock, the Beatbox, Beats is finally letting you share the awesome sound experience they strive for.  Black matte plastic contours and the emblazoned Beats logo adds an air of sophistication to a practical device and it fits comfortably in the corner of any room to assume an unobtrusive presence.

Two rubber feet allow you to adjust the angle accordingly permitting you to project sound in your desired direction for the ultimate listening pleasure.  With its 5 iPod/iPhone adapter docks, simply stick in your Apple device using the relevant adapter and let its internals software funnel sound to the speakers.  On the back you will also find a handy audio-in 3.5mm jack allowing those of us who don’t use iPods/iPhones to release the music trapped in your gadgets.

If all of this is not impressive enough, why not step it up a notch and invest in the smaller portable system, the Beatbox Portable.  Like the original Beatbox, the Beatbox Portable is a long wedge-shaped bar with four speakers in the front. It comes in either stylish white and grey or black and red and sports the indented Beats logo on the metallic speaker grille.  One of its best design features is its built-in carrying handles on both sides and the pocket-sized remote that lets you handle your playlists from across the room.  Using either an outlet or 6 “D” cell batteries you can set the Beatbox Portable just about anywhere you choose, releasing the powerful audio output and its deep bass response.

The Beatbox Portable has the original iPhone/iPod dock on its top panel but this time sports, not five, but eight adapter trays to suit the various models available.  And as Bluetooth and wireless speaker docks begin to replace old-fashioned wired systems, the Beatbox Portable has allowed consumers to access music off laptops, Smartphones and just about any other Bluetooth-enabled device from as far as 30 feet away.  Supporting SBC, APT-X and AAC Bluetooth means constantly higher-quality sound than most other Bluetooth devices and to pair, simply hold the power button on the speaker down for a few seconds, until all the buttons flash red and the Beatbox Portable is ready.

Phoenix Software is one of the forefront suppliers of consumer-related products and features leading brands such as Dr. Dre’s Beats Beatbox.  If the ultimate in music listening pleasure is what you are looking for this season then you will truly discover high-definition sound with the Beatbox and Beatbox Portable as they deliver crisp highs, rich mids and fist thumping bass.    Beats Beatbox and Beatbox Portable can be found through mass retail outlets in South Africa for R5499.00 each.

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‘Sleek and Savvy Beats on the move,’ with Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox and Beatbox Portable.