Barracuda Networks Secures iPads for Education

Barracuda Safe Browser iOS Application Blocks Inappropriate and Malicious Content on Mobile Devices to Facilitate Compliance with Privacy and Internet Protection Statutes 

LOOPHOLD Security Distribution has announced Barracuda Networks Barracuda Safe Browser iOS application, offered free of charge to Barracuda Web Security Service customers. With the proliferation of iPads and other mobile devices used in education, Barracuda Safe Browser helps schools safely deploy iPads by ensuring that students do not access unsafe and inappropriate Web content on these devices at any time.

Schools are realising the benefits of using mobile devices and applications as learning tools with iPads and iPhones leading the charge. While these devices can empower young minds, schools and parents are concerned about the adverse implications of allowing students to take these devices home and browse the Web over unregulated networks.

“Mobile devices are increasingly deployed in schools as an educational tool yet this potentially exposes learners’ to inappropriate content.   It is therefore vital to provide protection against unsuitable content for these learners browsing the Internet. With Barracuda Safe Browser, not only are the learners protected but it also protects schools from potential liability,” says Martin Tassev, MD at LOOPHOLD Security Distribution, the distributor of Barracuda Networks security solutions in Southern Africa.

Barracuda Safe Browser is transparently integrated with the Barracuda Web Security Service, an award-winning cloud-based solution that provides Web content filtering and usage policy enforcement with centralised management and aggregated reporting. The iOS application extends the protection and visibility offered by the service to iPads issued to students. Schools and districts can enrich students’ learning experiences with the latest mobile devices while protecting students from unsafe Web content, such as pornography, illegal acts and other inappropriate or malicious content. This enables schools to meet compliance requirements and monitor Web usage even when the devices are used outside the school network.

Additional highlights of the Barracuda Safe Browser include:

  • Easy to install – Replaces default Safari browser on iPads and iPhones
  • Robust authentication – Full LDAP / AD integration with user/group-based policy enforcement and usage monitoring
  • Real-time monitoring – Complete visibility into network activity
  • Always-on protection – Web filtering and policy enforcement without VPN or proxy configuration
  • Centralised management and configuration – Intuitive cloud-based control panel

Barracuda Safe Browser augments the Barracuda Web Security Agent also used by educational institutions today to protect Windows and Mac laptop users on and off the network, enabling centralised policy management for all issued devices through the Barracuda Web Security Service.

Barracuda Web Security Service customers can download the Barracuda Safe Browser from the Apple iTunes App Store immediately at no additional charge.

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Barracuda Networks Secures iPads for Education