Experian launches new tender fraud prevention service in South Africa

South Africa’s fight against tender fraud is gaining ground thanks to the launch of a new service from Experian, the global information services company, which makes combating fraud easier for organisations.

This is the conclusion of Experian SA’s Managing Director, Michelle Beetar, who reveals that increasing numbers of corporations in South Africa are turning to its fraud prevention system to detect unethical tender processes.

In fact, Beetar reveals that a large South African organisation recently conducted an exercise of this nature which revealed that as many as 20 staff members had personal interests in companies that had conducted a massive R1.2 billion of business with the company.

“This is an unethical and costly practice that every employer wants to stamp out,” says Beetar.

“It is relatively easy to cross-check the identities of the suppliers in a corporation’s employ with the identity of the directors of the organisations awarded lucrative tenders.”

The approach includes a process whereby all companies recommended for tenders are verified with information held on Experian’s business credit bureau. Cross-checking a company’s human resources records with the Experian system and comparing them with the company’s vendor database can then expose potential tender fraud that may warrant further investigation.

“It is incumbent on every CEO of every organisation to strengthen their governance framework by ensuring that their processes are effective through the implementation of risk management, compliance and the internal controls,” says Beetar.

Experian provides data and analytical tools to clients while helping businesses to manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and automate decision making.

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Experian launches new tender fraud prevention service in South Africa