Ink that doesn’t cost the earth – new Ink Advantage from HP

When it comes to printing, especially for home users, Small Office Home Offices (SOHO) and small to medium business users (SMBs), the cost of ink has typically outweighed the cost of the printer itself. This has resulted in consumers resorting to all sorts of methods in an effort to save money. These include limiting their printing output or using refilled or counterfeit consumables. Users have even resorted to buying new printers when ink cartridges ran out.

This model has become out-dated in the wake of increasing awareness of the need for sustainability, and in light of the global crackdown on counterfeit goods including printer consumables.

HP is leading the way with a new range of Ink Advantage printers and cartridges, available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

“Ink Advantage is a new concept in printing, designed to encourage more sustainable and environmentally friendly printing practices. With Ink Advantage, the cost of printing has been reduced by up to 50%, effectively allowing users to print twice as much for the same cost as before. Consumers can therefore afford to keep their printers for longer, replacing the cartridges instead of the whole device. Ink Advantage also incorporates other eco friendly features, such as recycled plastic, reduced packaging, and recycling initiatives through HP’s Planet Partner programme,” says Caron De Fortier, HP Imaging & Printing Group Business Unit Manager at DCC.

Extensive research into HP’s various customer bases showed that the “cheap printer, expensive cartridge” model has become outdated. Consumers are looking for greater return on investment (ROI), and are willing to pay slightly more for printers if the running cost is reduced. Ink Advantage is the answer, offering a lower total cost of ownership, and giving the user all the benefits linked to using original HP supplies.

As part of an ongoing drive towards greater sustainability and eco-consciousness, HP has also spearheaded a recycling initiative called HP Planet Partner. To get involved, all consumers need to do is return empty cartridges to participating resellers, who will return these to HP for recycling.  For more information on Planet Partner or to find out how to become an HP Planet Partner visit

The new HP Ink Advantage range of printers and cartridges is available from leading retailers and authorised HP resellers. DCC currently has stock of five Ink Advantage models, the IA 2515, IA 3525, IA 4615, IA 4625 and IA 5525. Recommended retail prices start at R699 including V.A.T for the printers and R159.00 including V.A.T for cartridges.

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Ink that doesn’t cost the earth – new Ink Advantage from HP