Dock, charge and play Android or Blackberry with new Philips MicroUSB docking stations from DCC

Smartphones let you take your music with you wherever you go, but playing and sharing your sound straight from your phone has not been an easy task. Now great sound is possible in the home or office with Philips’ range of docking stations, available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). Designed specifically for Android and compatible with BlackBerry and other MicroUSB devices, these powerful speaker systems let you dock, charge and playback your music in one sleek, stylish device, backed by Philips’ legendary sound quality.

“Convenience is critical in today’s world, and that includes music. Digital music has changed the game, but users still want quality sound for listening to and sharing their tunes. The Philips range of docking stations for MicroUSB smartphones offers all of this and more, doubling as a high quality speaker system and a charging station in one. There are also several devices to choose from to meet different needs and lifestyles,” says Bruce Byrne, Visual Communications Specialist at DCC.

The Philips AS111 Fidelio Docking Speaker delivers great sound, with simultaneous playback and charging and auto-synchronising of its clock with smartphones. Philips’ innovative Songbird software comes packaged with the device to let you sync music between your PC and phone quickly and easily, and the free Fidelio app lets you discover and share music and more. Music is streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth to state of the art Neodymium speakers for pure, crystal clear omni-directional sound. Shielding technology blocks interference to ensure trouble free music playback, and an elegant design makes this docking system the ideal addition to any bedroom or office.

The Philips AS141 combines charging, docking and Bluetooth playback with an FM radio with digital presets and a Bass Reflex Speaker System for deep, powerful bass. An MP3 link enables music to be played back from any number of digital devices and wake up alarms can be set to playback from smartphones, music players or even your favourite radio station, with dual alarm capability to wake you and your partner at different times. The free Fidelio app can also be downloaded to this device, delivering Songbird capabilities for quick synchronisation.

The Philips AS851 offers sensational sound quality, with Digital Sound Processing for pure silence and lifelike, distortion-free sound. Optimal acoustic volume matches the speakers’ requirements, while precisely tuned bass pipes deliver tight bass reproduction. A sleek curved design serves the dual purpose of pleasing aesthetics and elegant, precise sound, and a USB port enables charging of a second device. The AS851 comes with a remote control and Songbird, and the Fidelio app can be downloaded for free from the Android app store.

“When it comes to sound quality, Philips devices never disappoint, and these three speaker systems are no exception. A range of features along with elegant styling means they will fit seamlessly into any environment, and the convenience of simultaneous charging and playback is unmatched. Philips’ range of docking stations for Android and compatible with Blackberry are the perfect devices to meet the music needs of today’s discerning customer,” Byrnes concludes.

Recommended retail prices for the AS111, AS141 and AS851 are R1130, R1435 and R2300 respectively, including VAT. These devices are available from selected retailers and online from the eBucks store.

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Dock, charge and play Android or Blackberry with new Philips MicroUSB docking stations from DCC