Antfarm Offers PTA WUG Members Free Radio Streaming

Antfarm, one of the South Africa’s leading video streaming specialists, is making the streams of some of its online radio clients, including 5Fm, Tuks FM, Jacaranda and 702 available to the Pretoria Wireless User Group (PTAWUG) – a private wireless network that covers over 2 500 square kilometers and is rated as the third largest wireless network organisastion in the world, behind AWMN (Greece).

This was confirmed by Antfarm director, Jacek Dziembowski, who said that the company is providing the streams by harnessing Ogg Vorbis, an open source, royalty-free communications technology which facilitates the efficient streaming and manipulation of high quality digital multimedia.

Antfarm is re-streaming the online broadcasts of some of its radio clients as a “goodwill gesture” to the PTAWUG – and views this service as a way of “giving something back to the community”.

It is a free service to the PTAWUG and the service is running off Antfarm’s own access into the PTA WUG network. Johan Els, a member of the PTAWUG, confirmed that Antfarm officially started streaming into the PTAWUG from the beginning of July this year, giving free access to WUG members to some of the radio stations the company streams commercially.

Commenting further, Antfarm’s Dziembowski, said that “additional online radio stations might be added”, saying that the company is currently “negotiating access with a number” of its other radio station clients.

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Antfarm Offers PTA WUG Members Free Radio Streaming