New 12th Generation Dell Servers make virtualisation a reality for small to mid-sized enterprise

Dell’s new range of 12th Generation of servers, boasting the latest Intel Sandy Bridge chipsets, increased performance, new management features and Dell’s legendary next business day on-site warranty, are now available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). These servers are available in a variety of tower and rack models to suit different business needs.

This new generation of Dell servers makes use of the Intel E5 chipset, which allows for up to eight cores per chip and offers superior performance, improved energy efficiency and increased processing capability. Running at the same clock speed as older generation chips, the E5 chipsets typically offer a 10-30% improvement in overall performance, making Dell’s 12th Generation servers ideal for server virtualisation applications.

“Better performance at the same clock speeds and higher RAM capacity makes this a more effective platform for virtualisation, bringing this innovation within reach of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This enables businesses to consolidate disparate server operations and reduce the number of physical servers running in an environment. You can also run different operating systems from the same physical server,” says Jaco Erasmus, Dell Sales Consultant at DCC.

“Typically companies can expect a decrease in physical servers needed of 5:3. In other words, where previously five servers were needed, with virtualisation only three are necessary. This equates to less physical space necessary to store servers, a large decrease in maintenance and infrastructure costs (power and cooling), easier management and access to virtualisation licenses that enable the implementation of availability and failover between servers. This in turn adds up to dramatic cost savings for business,” he adds.

Models available from DCC include tower servers T320, T420 and T620 and rack servers R320, R420, R520, R620 and R720. Tower servers are ideal for smaller businesses that do not require large numbers of servers, and are also perfect for distributed branches. Rack servers are aimed at medium to large enterprise where a denser server environment is necessary and tower servers would take up too much physical space. The models scale up in terms of CPU capacity and hard drive capacity according to number, with a variety of solutions available to meet the needs of individual organisations.

“Dell is a world class brand renowned for its warranties from three to five years, and its business support which ranges from four hour mission critical to next business day on-site. All Dell servers stocked by DCC have standard ProSupport warranty with a dedicated call centre for fast support turnaround times. This is vital when it comes to servers, as these are the lifeblood of the modern organisation. With Dell customers are also assured of a certain level of quality, backed by the brand, as well as open standards based technology which does not lock customers in to any proprietary solutions. The 12th Generation Dell servers represent the product excellence and solid value customers have come to expect from Dell,” Erasmus concludes.

Models T320, T420, T620, R320, R420, R520, R620 and R720 of the 12th Generation Dell server range are available immediately from Drive Control Corporation. All models ship standard with a 3 year ProSupport and Next Business Day On-Site service package.

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New 12th Generation Dell Servers make virtualisation a reality for small to mid-sized enterprise