Be Creative, Be Expressive with the GALAXY Note II

The most powerful smartphone sparks everyone’s creative inspirations

At the Samsung World Tour event held yesterday at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in Cape Town, South Africa, Samsung introduced the GALAXY Note II, a whole new level of innovation for the GALAXY Note category. The new Samsung GALAXY Note II enables unique experiences in personalised and expressive content creation; making it the ultimate smartphone for on-the-go creativity.

“Last year we launched the GALAXY Note, which opened a new category of smart mobile devices. This year, again, I am proud to announce the GALAXY Note II, which will encourage users to ‘unleash their inner creativity,” said George Ferreira, VP and COO of Samsung Electronics Africa. “With a perfect viewing experience and unique and differentiated features, users can discover information and capture their ideas faster, express thoughts freely and manage tasks more efficiently. For anyone who wants to be creative, expressive and unique, the Samsung GALAXY Note II will be the ideal device, allowing users to live a life extraordinary.”

Since the first introduction of the GALAXY Note category, Samsung has continued to enhance and expand the GALAXY Note product experiences. This year Samsung introduced ‘Premium Suite,’ a software upgrade which provided enhanced user experiences. With the Ice Cream Sandwich OS upgrade, Samsung offered innovative new features such as Shape Match and Formula Match. These provided users with features for organized expression in their personal and professional life. In September Samsung expanded the category with the GALAXY Note 10.1, which has a 10.1 inch large screen, Multiscreen feature for ultimate multitasking, and a more natural S Pen experience with enhanced features for users’ productivity, creativity and learning ability. Further enhancing the GALAXY Note category, Samsung GALAXY Note II helps users unleash their inner creativity by letting them discover information faster, capture ideas, and express them in a more organised and efficient manner.

Perfect viewing experience – See richer content – all in one view

The GALAXY Note II features a 5.5” (140.9mm) HD Super AMOLED screen, providing breathtaking visuals and crystal clear detail. Its 16:9 screen ratio ensures an immersive and enriched cinema like video viewing experience, perfect for viewing HD videos on-the-go. Its larger screen allows users to see content clearly and vividly, with much enhanced readability. In addition to the stunning content consumption experiences from the larger screen, users will also be able to accomplish more tasks efficiently and create content freely on-the-go, as the GALAXY Note II comes with a thinner and portable body.

Advanced S Pen & S Note usage

The new S Pen is longer, thicker and ergonomically designed for the perfect grip. Therefore, it provides a more precise, comfortable and natural writing experience. It also has fully integrated features and applications that make everyday tasks more intuitive and easy.

Air View allows users to hover with the S Pen over an email, S Planner, image gallery, or video to preview the content without having to open it. This feature gives users quick access to search and view more information in detail without screen transitions.

The S Pen’s advanced features also provide enhanced capabilities to capture ideas and inspirations instantly and to combine handwriting with any digital content directly on the screen. By simply pressing the dedicated S Pen button, the S Pen magically recognizes that users want to clip or edit the selected content on the screen. The Easy Clip feature, allows users to instantly outline and crop any content on the screen in any shape to save, share or paste. Once done cropping the image, users can freely edit the cropped content through colouring, shading, or their own personal handwriting. It is quick and easy.
Popup Note lets users open an S Note instantly as a pop-up window anywhere on the screen. When a user pulls out the S Pen during a phone call, the S Note application automatically pops up on the screen, allowing users to jot down a quick personal message. Users can also personalise photos by leaving handwritten memos on the backside of a photo using the S Pen. Hand-written Photo Notes can be shared with others in jpg format.

In addition, the device’s new gesture pad feature, called Quick Command, lets users quickly activate frequently used apps with the S Pen. The command pad appears when a user just swipes upward on the screen with the S Pen button pressed. Users can quickly send an email, make a call, or search a location as they draw pre-registered marks on the command pad or register a unique mark to allow for quick and easy access.

True multitasking

For a true multi-tasking, users can launch multiple windows on one screen without closing applications to launch new ones. When users are completing a task in one application, they can immediately load another application on the screen. Multiple applications are stacked on the screen like multiple windows and users can easily switch among applications. It lets them flip from task to task very quickly, but it doesn’t clutter up the rest of the display, providing users with quick and easy multitasking.

Thanks to the breadth of the GALAXY Note II’s amazing viewing experience, a feature called Popup Video. While watching a video, with the touch of a button, the video will become a floating window on the display. The video will continue to play and it can be repositioned to any part of the GALAXY Note II’s screen. This versatility means that users are free to load other applications beneath it to browse online, connect with friends or plan a day.

Powerful Performance

Powering content creation, sharing and multitasking capabilities, the GALAXY Note II comes with the latest hardware technologies. A mighty 1.6GHz Quad-Core processor and HSPA Plus or 4G LTE connectivity delivers easy multitasking, lightning-fast screen transitions, powerful browser performance, and minimal app load time. The GALAXY Note II is powered by Android 4.1, Jelly Bean. This brings stunning graphical capabilities and an upgraded Google Now service, including new features such as contextual search to the GALAXY Note II. The memory options are 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB with an expandable micro SD memory slot. Thanks to a 3,100mAh battery, users can enjoy multimedia content, always be productive on the go, and capture ideas whenever, wherever without suffering from power limitation.

The GALAXY Note II comes with an 8 Megapixel rear-facing and 1.9 megapixel front-facing camera with HD video recording. The camera has great features like Buddy Photo Share, Burst Shot and Best Photo, which were introduced on the GALAXY S III earlier. In addition to that, the GALAXY Note II features a unique camera function called Best Face. Best Face allows users to choose the most preferred face or pose of each person from group portrait photos.

Smart Stay, which was first introduced on the GALAXY S III, uses the camera in the GALAXY Note II to prevent the device from going into standby mode while it detects a user in front of the device. With AllShare Play, users can share content with a large group in real-time by connecting the GALAXY Note II to Samsung HD TVs, phones, mobile tablets, laptops, and other consumer electronic devices on the same network. AllShare Cast allows users to share and collaborate on documents, presentations, or images in real time, without loading files separately.

”We are further expanding our GALAXY Note category with the GALAXY Note II and certainly as smartphones and tablets continue to dominate the market and the growth that is being witnessed in the mobile arena in Africa is unparalleled, this is another way that Samsung are catering for diverse market requirements and expectations,” concludes Ferreira.

The Samsung GALAXY Note II will be available in Marble White or Titanium Gray colour options.

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Be Creative, Be Expressive with the GALAXY Note II