PBT Group expands

Leading Business Intelligence (BI) experts PBT Group has recently acquired 3 expert IT solution companies, as part of the brand’s strategic growth strategy. These acquisitions allow the business to continuously grow to meet the evolving needs of its current clients, while being able to service a broader scope of IT innovation – a requirement synonymous with the BI field today.

Says Ken Wood; Executive Director at PBT Group; “To this end, the PBT Group has acquired BI Blue, Cyber Pro and TBIS to further our BI offerings to the market. This strategy forms part of our recent expansion and growth plans within SA, broader EMEA and the Australian markets – aimed at further entrenching the critical component of BI into these growing economies.”

Earlier this year, Gartner* found that the worldwide BI platform, along with analytic applications and performance management software revenues reached $12.2 billion in 2011, which was a significant 16.4% increase from the revenues generated the previous year. Continues Wood; “As a local BI vendor who understands the significant role BI has and will play within the African business space, these international trends not only contextualise the business opportunity but reinforces our business decisions to expand our offerings as BI continues to grow in relevance globally and in the continents where we have a presence – namely Africa and Australia.”

PBT Group prides itself on being able to empower businesses to analyse data intelligently and deliver measurable bottom-line value. Over its fourteen years existence, the brand’s turnover, per annum, has grown 110-fold. Says Wood; “We are proud of our growth and feel that these acquisitions will enable us to maintain similar success rates. Each business provides the PBT Group with a unique set of services that we will look to continuously develop and refine, as industry needs change and the relevance of a unique BI solution set increases.”

The acquired companies, with a short overview, include:
BI Blue Consulting offers a comprehensive set of BI services to help clients harness their data to improve decision-making. They have the expertise and experience to deliver challenging reporting, query and analysis solutions using SAP Business Objects integration in SAP BW/BI and SAP Business Objects in Non- SAP environments.

CyberPro Consulting is a leading Microsoft Certified Partner software services company in the South African market with a strong focus on system integration, software, Web, database, collaboration, business process management, and BI.

While, Technique Business Intelligence Software (TBIS) is an Advanced IBM Business Partner that provides IBM software solutions and consulting services specialising in Information Integration, Data Warehousing and Analytics, Data Warehouse Appliances and Big Data Analytics.

Concludes Wood; “Standing out from competitors is something that all businesses want to accomplish. We have realised that this is a necessity in the BI field, as the industry is one that continues to evolve and is characterised by constant change. Therefore having unique, relevant and future looking BI offerings is a critical objective for our success. Undertaking these acquisitions has therefore not only allowed us to broaden our service offering to our customer base locally and internationally, but ensures we are highly competitive and relevant in our operational markets.”

*Gartner Says Worldwide Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management Software Market Surpassed the $12 Billion Mark in 2011, http://www.gartner.com/it/page.jsp?id=1971516

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PBT Group expands