Sage VIP equips Ghanaian HR Executives on the influence of HR software on HR strategy

Sage VIP Payroll sponsored a human resources (HR) event in Ghana to inform Ghanaian HR executives on the influence of HR software on HR strategy. The event, which took place in Accra in September, was organised in partnership with HR Focus Magazine and local Sage VIP Payroll partner SCG Consulting, and was attended by 100 HR executives from numerous industries in the country.

“The aim of the event was to bring together HR personnel and practitioners from around the country to discuss pressing issues affecting the profession, solutions to these challenges and the way forward,” says HR Focus MD Ellen Mhagan. “Attendees were re-affirmed that their profession is highly important to the success of a business because they are in charge of the largest asset to the company. They also got the message that performance management should not be something that is only conducted once a year, and that managing employee costs and performance will help secure their organisations place in the competitive environment,” explains Mhagan.

“Delegates attending the event realised that with the right HR tools they can have a 360 degree visibility of their human capital,” says SCG Consulting’s Justice Lartey. “They also appreciated that tools already exist for the management and measurement of the HR function. The adoption of new solutions will now depend on the willingness of corporate Ghana to move away from the manual HR environment to a computerised environment and the preparedness of the local HR institute to expose its members and students to these software tools,” explains Lartey.

“By sponsoring the only event of this kind in Ghana, Sage VIP demonstrated thought leadership and positioned itself as a catalyst for change and a partner in the development of the Ghanaian HR profession. In order to fast track the process of change and maintain the awareness, VIP may champion the training and certification programme around its product solutions in Ghana,” says Lartey.

In today’s competitive market, each company is striving to become more profitable by managing costs more effectively. One of the largest expenses in any organisation is its staff. These increasingly competitive factors are forcing HR practitioners to change the way they do business. Speaking at the HR event in Ghana, Sage VIP Payroll Head of Department for the Africa Division, Gerhard Hartman stressed that “HR departments can no longer operate simply as personnel administrators but need to prioritise the needs and requirements of people in the organisation as their top priority.

The war for talent in Africa has grown over the past 3 years and because Africa is seen as the largest growth opportunity for international companies, companies are increasingly looking at their HR systems to manage their most important corporate asset – their employees.

Automated HR systems are an important tool that can be used by HR personnel to make sure they manage salary expenses and help employees perform optimally. A recent survey by Price Waterhouse Coopers conducted in South Africa revealed that companies using HR software are 35% more profitable per employee than companies that do not. This is because HR software helps companies manage their employees more effectively.

“When choosing HR management software (HRMS), companies should choose a supplier that has experience in their industry and has experienced consultants. Companies should also ask for a demonstration of the software so that they can see the functionality upfront and compare this with their business requirements,” says Hartman.

“Companies should also make sure they know what the long term goal is. The HRMS needs to support the organisations business strategy going forward. Choosing the incorrect software will not only set the company back financially but will affect the profitability of the organisation and inhibit the effective management of employees,” says Hartman.

A good HRMS will equip HR personnel with knowledge on what skills are available and where there is need for improvement; how to remunerate employees according to market value; which employee is best for the job by tracking performance; ensure that HR data is secure and streamline HR processes by integrating employees and departments.

“Overall, adopting HR software in a business will not only increase efficiencies in the company, but will align HR strategies with corporate vision and mission statements. HR software will also help executives forecast critical social, legislative and people trends enabling the organisation to become more profitable by managing employee costs more effectively. Increased interaction between human resource practitioner’s and business executives will ensure that the strategic deployment and management of staff will contribute to the success and continuity of the company,” concludes Hartman.

VIP Payroll plans to sponsor the HR event in Ghana on an annual basis, in partnership with its local distributer SCG Consulting.

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Sage VIP equips Ghanaian HR Executives on the influence of HR software on HR strategy