Agile and well-connected, XDSL wins multi-national client with Xtreme MPLS offering

XDSL, a local ISP that has just celebrated its tenth birthday, has won a major deal supplying Xtreme MPLS connectivity to drive the local operations of a multi-national client, G4S. The deal has cut the cost of the solution considerably for the company, doubling throughput and capacity, introducing improved failover, and making cloud services a reality. This win reflects the fact that size is no longer a factor in the selection of an ISP for organisations that place a premium on speed, capacity, reliability and affordability when it comes to connectivity.

Danie Fourie, director at XDSL says, “This is a strategic win for XDSL and one that signifies an important change in the perceptions and discernment of local clients regarding the relative capabilities and strengths of providers of communications in this country. The shift is away from large infrastructure owners to agile, well connected ISPs that understand the needs of the client, offer high levels of client service, and have the expertise to deliver solutions that facilitate communication at multiple levels, adding value without adding more cost.”

G4S is a global leader in the provision of safety and security solutions. It has more than 35 branches nationally, with an interest in a number of security related fields, including the secure transportation of cash, aviation security, and care and justice services. Connectivity is vital to its corporate and field operations, and instrumental in ensuring the safety and security of its staff, and the people and assets it protects.

Says Fourie, “Our Xtreme MPLS solution provides a virtual private network (VPN) over a shared IP network, using fibre, Diginet, ADSL and 3G; and is optimised to maximise speed and reliability, and minimise costs, reaching across metro networks, carrier networks, ISPs and data hosting centres to deliver excellent value.”

At each branch of its new client, XDSL provides a Diginet and two ADSL lines with a managed IP Connect bundle for data and cloud services, and a 3G managed APN network. All access links has automatic failover, proactive monitoring and support as well as proactive traffic engineering. Our monitoring is capable of identifying any network abuse or virus infections. Pricing comparisons on Diginet lines:

  •  512Kbps normally cost R5 500.00 excluding VAT. With XDSL R2 350.00 excluding VAT with much more value ads.
  •  1025Kbps normally cost R8 000.00 excluding VAT. With XDSL R3 851.00 excluding VAT with much more value ads.
  •  1986Kbps normally costs R13 500.00 excluding VAT. With XDSL R6 453.00 excluding VAT with much more value ads.

XDSL runs its own data centre and has a presence in three other major data centres nationally. It makes use of a 24-hour national operations centre to monitor quality of service, providing auto-failover on all links. Other features include active reporting, notifications on excessive traffic utilisation, seamless automatic failover, 3G signal quality measurement, integrated escalation procedure with G4S’s international policy, Quality of service, traffic prioritisation, no single points of failure, national Fibre optic, Hosted PBX, VOIP, Telephony, Hosted services, cloud services, dedicated internet offering.

“The advantage of an MPLS VPN over a point to point leased line or diginet connection is that you do not pay for distance, you pay only for last mile access. In addition, with multiple alternatives in terms of infrastructure, scalability, failover and least cost routing is possible. The organisation’s key requirements was for a resilient and scalable multimedia communications solution that would provide a seamless interconnect between staff in the field, company branches and its head office nationally as well as internationally. Our Xtreme MPLS solution met these requirements and more,” adds Fourie.

XDSL has grown significantly over the last two years and is gearing for 200% growth in 2013. “The telecommunications sector is moving forward rapidly. New IP technologies and smart end user devices, an increasing abundance of infrastructure and more international bandwidth, as well as the introduction of cloud services are combining to usher in a new era of seamless communication. At the same time, prices are dropping rapidly. The ISPs that want to compete on this playing field need to be able to adapt quickly, maximising and optimising benefits for clients as they become available. In a nutshell, it’s no longer about the infrastructure; it’s about the services the ISP can provide on top of that infrastructure. XDSL has the expertise on board, the partnerships in place and a service philosophy that we believe will assist us to, in future, net an increasing percentage of business from large and small businesses who are looking for greater value at a competitive cost,” Fourie concludes.

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Agile and well-connected, XDSL wins multi-national client with Xtreme MPLS offering