EA Sports FIFA Manager 13 Available Now

Authentic Football Management Simulation Enables Fans To Perfect The Art Of Team Management And Lead A Club To Glory 

Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) announced today that EA SPORTS™ FIFA Manager 13, featuring Borussia Mönchengladbach coach Lucien Favre on the cover, is available now for digital download for PC at Origin.com and through other digital retailers. Fans can create their own club or lead their favorite club to international fame in FIFA Manager 13, experiencing a full range of challenges—from transfer signings to training regiments through to stadium extensions—that impact real-world clubs everyday. The FIFA Manager 13 demo is available to download now at Origin.com.

To be successful in FIFA Manager 13, fans must focus on the core of their team through a new feature called Team Dynamics that encourages players to pay close attention to player relationships, egos andgoals of individuals within the team. Managers get an overview of team hierarchy, rivalry, personality clashes, and more. In addition, two new features—Team Matrix and Hierarchy Pyramid—enable fans to quickly identify which players are having challenges and their impact on team dynamics. Plus, new individual player objectives have a special role, and teams will only be successful with enough team leaders and players working towards the same objectives. From balancing player rivalries to spending enough time understanding and setting player expectations, FIFA Manager 13 will push players to perfect the art of team management.

“We really wanted our fans to experience the breadth of challenges real-world managers face in developing a homogenous and successful team,” saidGerald Köhler, Lead Designer of the FIFA Manager 13. “Players must now be thoroughly researched and their potential impact on a team considered before making a signing, just like real-world football.”

Once again, the transfer market is the heartbeat of FIFA Manager 13. Players now consider more than 40 criteria when making their decision on whether or not to transfer to a new club. Using the new Squad Planner feature, players can plan their future team in detail, see the impact of integrating potential newcomers into existing teams and try out new players.

The game also takes a visual leap forward with higher resolution graphics, numerous new fan banners that create a livelier atmosphere in the stadiums, and fans now wear shirts, scarves and jackets that show off their team colours.

Football fans have once again helped design features in the game through the “Your Feature!” promotion. Several thousand participants voted and chose six features, including “Shooting Stars During The Season”, “Buy-back Options”, “Regional Talent Scouts”, and a “Dynamic Development League”.

FIFA Manager 13 is developed for EA SPORTS by the development studio Bright Future in Cologne. The game is rated PG by the FPB – Film and Publication Board in South Africa.  Additional information can be obtained at www.FM12.de. Five press conferences with lead designer Gerald Köhler and Designer Bruno Hertlein and the FIFA Manager 13 spot are available at http://www.fm12.de/fussball-manager/fussball-manager-13/videos.html. A FIFA Manager 13 trailer is available at www.FM12.de

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EA Sports FIFA Manager 13 Available Now