XCO Sport launches E-tail, a web-based school procurement tool

XCO Sport, the country’s leading manufacturer and supplier of sports clothing and equipment, has announced the launch of E-tail, a web-based school procurement tool which will allow school sports shops to effortlessly order sports apparel and equipment from the company.

XCO Sport, the largest supplier of sports apparel and equipment to schools in South Africa, believes the new solution will also save time and money for parents, effectively putting the traditional school sports shop on every household PC.

“Because we are such a big supplier to South African schools we developed a new software solution that brings with it a number of advantages. Besides allowing the hassle-free ordering of sports apparel and equipment – right from any linked PC – E-tail reduces stock risks for schools, and significantly reduces school sport shop management problems,” said Hugo Maree, managing director of XCO Sport.

“The essential idea is to put the school shop on the PC of every household. E-tail enables the automatic sorting of purchase requests, reduces the risk of carrying stock – which is a big financial risk – and seamlessly sorts out problems encountered with sizing and equipment, and the time consuming capturing of orders, payments and deliveries. Basically,” said Maree, “E-Tail is an on-line, web-based purchasing system that takes away the burden from the school.”

XCO Sport boasts a number of brands used within South African rugby – and South African sport – including Brutal, Seven, Acell, CA, Blackheath and Garett.

A level 3 BEE rated company, Pretoria-based XCO Sport also owns three factories, from where its sports brands are manufactured. The company focuses on 20 major sports disciplines, including rugby, cricket, hockey soccer, netball, softball, basketball, athletics, tennis and volleyball.

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XCO Sport launches E-tail, a web-based school procurement tool