Apple’s mini iPad will fly off the shelves in South Africa says The Notebook Company

There has been a lot of pre-launch hype with regards to Apple’s mini iPad – as there was with the Apple iPhone5. Much of the excitement – when the products were actually launched – had already dissipated due to all the pre-press hype. Nonetheless, these two products are sure to fly off the shelves around the world, re-affirming Apple as the number one technology company in the world.

This is according to Christopher Riley, MD of local notebook and accessories retailer, The Notebook Company – and a big supplier of Apple products.

Riley said said his company will be selling the iPad mini at between R5000 – R8 000, with stocks accepted to arrive in early November.

“The Apple iPhone 5s have been flying off our shelves and we have been battling to keep up with the demand – and we are expecting no less of the Apple mini iPad,” he said.

Riley noted that there would still, however, be a sustained market for the iPad 3 and iPad2s. “Demand has muted somewhat, but they are still stalwart sellers.”

Commenting further, Riley said the 7-inch mini iPad from Apple is viewed by many market watchers as an attempt by the technology giant to combat – and “beat-out” – competitors in the fast-exploding 7 inch tablet market.

“It is war out there,” said Riley, “but Apple still has a keen edge. Right now the company has the Midas Touch and although they are allowing more hype to permeate the market prior to launches – something they did not do in the past – their products seem to be hitting the right buttons with users. Apple is just the product users want. End of story.”


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Apple’s mini iPad will fly off the shelves in South Africa says The Notebook Company