Samsung Redefines Computing and Modernises Mobile Integrations in new Series 5 Smart Station

Second generation unified desktop hub increases productivity, versatility and offer mobile connections for users’ on-the-go

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, recently introduced the next evolution of its award-winning Central Station, the Series 5 Samsung Smart Station.

This HD monitor, part docking station, the second generation Series 5 Smart Station (CB550) builds upon the successes of its predecessor and now integrates with mobile devices in addition to notebook PCs, peripherals, network and AV, providing users with a simple and convenient way to increase productivity. Additionally, the new Series 5 CB550 integrates with mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, for added versatility. The Series 5 Smart Station is available in a 24 inch configuration.

“The PC market has been slowly evolving as users move away from desktops in favour of the convenience of laptops, tablets and even smartphones,” says Mike van Lier, Business Leader for IT Solutions at Samsung South Africa. “By doing this, users are limited to comparatively small screens, touchpads, limited keyboards and multiple peripheral connections. The new Series 5 Smart Station solves these problems by providing users with an easy way to reduce desktop connection clutter and combine the convenience of a laptop or mobile device with the traditional advantages of a desktop PC.”

““The addition of the Series 5 CB550 Smart Station to the Smart PC product line-up marks the culmination of Samsung’s Smart PC’s and desktop offerings and duly demonstrates our understanding around the importance of using a functional product with stylish design and innovative technology,” continues van Lier.

Series 5 CB550 Smart Station, Simple Solution
As more and more users consume digital content on their tablets and smartphones, screen size has become an increasing concern. By linking their Android MHL-compatible smartphone, users can take advantage of the Series 5 CB550 Smart Station’s new Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) and enjoy content from their mobile devices directly on the much larger screen and with the benefit of rich, built-in stereo audio. Users can more easily keep an eye on their smartphone, seamlessly browse to it and even charge the device for a truly unified experience.

The Series 5 (CB550) includes a new Mobile Control feature which allows users to simultaneously connect to a tablet or smartphone, granting them complete control over their mobile device via the Series 5 CB550 Smart Station’s unified hub interface and a traditional mouse and keyboard. Users can quickly and seamlessly browse between their laptop and smartphone interfaces to reply to incoming SMS messages or alerts on their mobile devices and return to more involved tasks on their laptop within seconds.

Sporting an updated, sophisticated design, the Series 5 Smart Station features smooth lines and Samsung’s attention to aesthetic style with a wide-angle viewing panel and new base-mounted connection ports that reduce desktop clutter.

Elegant, Efficient Styling
Samsung’s new Series 5 Smart Station sports an elegant single-hinge base, providing an easily adjustable monitor and simplifying the silhouette into a minimalist desktop display.

Featuring three USB ports (two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0) for connecting peripherals; the Series 5 Smart Station boasts fast, versatile data transfer and device communication and the ports are aligned on the sides of the monitor’s base for easy access. In addition, the Series 5 CB550 Smart Station includes an HDMI input, enabling users to connect Blu-ray players, set top boxes, or gaming devices in order to take full advantage of the 1080p LED backlit display.

Designed with sleek ergonomics and superior viewing in mind, the Series 5 CB550 Smart Station features a Samsung’s hallmark Magic technologies, ensuring crisp, detailed images and bold colour from any vantage point.

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Samsung Redefines Computing and Modernises Mobile Integrations in new Series 5 Smart Station