Gammatek Ready for iPhone 5 Launch

In time for the imminent launch of the iPhone 5 in South Africa, Gammatek – a leading distributor of Branded Technology Accessories – has introduced an entire range of covers from brands Body Glove, Dicota, Ozaki and Speck.

The covers feature a new and exciting design to both compliment and protect the head-turning aesthetics of the iPhone 5 which features a lighter, sleeker, thinner and slightly longer design than its predecessors.

“We’re very excited about the arrival of the iPhone 5 and why not protect it with covers that are strong and designed to enhance the phone’s features and functionality,” comments Zev Cherniak from Gammatek.

Body Glove

Body Glove’s Color range for the new iPhone 5 is made from a TPU plastic protective hard case and comes in an array of colours: black; pink; purple; and blue, offering a colourful and cheerful design that compliments the aesthetics of the phone. Also in the mix are the new Body Glove flip covers available in black , white and pink with a choice of vertical or horizontal covers , the horizontal flip cover allows you to st.and your phone for watching movies etc


From Dicota, iPhone 5 users can choose from the following great covers: Hard Cover; Hard Cover Pro and Slim Cover.

The Hard Cover features a patterned hard plastic cover that snaps right back over the back, offering slim protection for the iPhone 5. It is made of impact resistant hard plastic and follows the shape of the phone with openings for all port and buttons. The cover is available in black and white.

The Dicota Hard Cover Pro, available in black and white and incorporating a leather insert, is also made of impact resistant plastic, while offering a simplistic elegant design that snaps over the back panel of the iPhone 5. Like the Hard Cover it has openings for all port allowing for optimal usage.

Lastly, the Dicota Slim Cover is an exceptionally thin case – therefore adding minimal bulk to the iPhone 5 while still offering the necessary protection against bumps and scratches. It features a discrete pattern, openings for all ports and buttons and is available in black, white and transparent colours.


Ozaki’s O!coat covers for iPhone 5 feature the 0.3 Solid, 0.3 Jelly and Crystal. The 0.3 Solid and 0.3 Jelly are both ultra-slim – barely 0.3mm thick – therefore feeling practically invisible while still providing important protection against scratches.

The O! coat 0.3 Solid (available in black, white and blue) and 0.3 Jelly (transparent, pink and black) have a decidedly fashion-forward look, is anti-slip and come standard with a front screen protector and microfiber cloth.

The Ozaki O! coat Crystal is an 0.6mm, 8.5g casing which looks and feels almost invisible – the transparent design compliments iPhone 5’s design and overall aesthetics. Again, the Crystal ships standard with front screen protector and microfiber cloth and is anti-scratch and anti-slip for improved protection and usage.


Speck’s iPhone 5 covers feature some great new additions which include the CandyShell Flip, CandyShell, CandyShell Satin and PixelSkin HD offerings.

The CandyShell Flip features a flip-back panel which makes docking very easy. The covers feature a unibody hard/soft design which therefore combines the flexibility of a skin with the durability of a hard shell.

The glossy outer shell provides protection against scratches and scrapes while the rubberised interior is shock absorbent against knocks and drops. Furthermore, the screen bezel and rubberised button add protection and grip.

The CandyShell Flip is available in three colour combinations:

  •  White, Pebble Grey and Charcoal Grey;
  •  White, Pebble Grey and Peacock Blue; and
  •  Pebbly Grey/Gravel and Raspberry Pink

The CandyShell Satin and CandyShell are ultra-slim covers that again feature a unibody hard/soft design. The CandyShell Satin offers a hard outer shell whereas the CandyShell’s is glossy; both however are very strong and protect the phone against scratches and scrapes.

Both the covers feature a soft, shock absorbent rubber interior and raised screen bezel and rubberised button for protection and grip.

The CandyShell Satin is available in two colour combinations: black and slate grey; and graphic grey and malachite green.

Users can choose from three CandyShell colour combinations: black and slate grey; white and charcoal grey; and raspberry pink and black.

Lastly, Speck’s PixelSkin HD features an elegant, high-contrast black design that adds texture and grip to the phone. The slim TPU plastic protects without adding bulk and the raised screen and rubberised add grip.

Availability and RRP

The new iPhone 5 accessories from Gammatek are available at all major consumer electronic stores , major retailers and most cellular stores.

Pricing from R129-R299.

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Gammatek Ready for iPhone 5 Launch