Improve your view with the new Philips USB-powered monitor

For true plug and play functionality and a monitor that offers high definition quality without the need for extra power and video cables; look no further than the Philips 221S3UCD USB monitor, available now from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). With a single USB connector that delivers both power and video, this innovative 21.5- inch monitor is the ultimate in simplicity. Smart design and a host of intelligent features make the 221S3UCD perfect for ultrabook users or anyone who wants the convenience of a second monitor without the hassle of extra cables.

The Philips 221S3UCD is capable of displaying images and drawing power directly from a USB port on a laptop or desktop with a single cable. The monitors feature LED technology, which delivers instant-on capability, ultra low power consumption of just 9W, and zero power consumption in off mode. The white LEDs offer full, consistent brightness, and are lead and mercury free which allows for eco-friendly disposal and recycling. The monitor also ships in 100% recyclable packaging, minimising its carbon footprint and making it easy to do your part in saving the environment.

“Ultrabooks and all-in-one PCs are becoming increasingly common, but these devices often do not have VGA ports, so connecting a second monitor has been something of a challenge. The Philips 221S3UCD solves this challenge and simplifies the complexity of additional monitors, by using a single USB port to provide both video and power to the screen. Having more than one monitor can help to improve productivity, and this new innovation from Philips has many applications, from the home to the corporate world,” says Bruce Byrne, Visual Communication Specialist at DCC.

“In call centres, where users often have more than one monitor, one of the highest costs involved is the cabling. This is no longer an issue with the 221S3UCD. Dealer rooms, where users can use three of four monitors, requiring expensive graphics cards to allow this, can also benefit. For the home user, these monitors allow for the quick and easy connection of a notebook to screens set up anywhere in the home, even the kitchen. With full HD quality you can even use this monitor for watching movies directly from your computer. The applications are virtually limitless,” Byrne adds.

An ergonomic design with height adjustment as well as tilt and swivel adjustment ensures the monitor can be positioned for an ideal viewing angle for any user. Plug and play is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. The manufacturing process and the final monitor comply with all applicable industry standards and best practices.

The Philips 221S3UCD USB monitor is available from selected retailers for a recommended retail price of R1 875.00 including V.A.T.

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Improve your view with the new Philips USB-powered monitor