South Africa hosts continent’s largest gathering of Ethernet Companies

MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) and Metrofibre networkx bring Government, telcos, ISPs, Data Centres, Equipment Vendors and Enterprise together in bid to connect the country’s networks

The African continent’s most influential gathering of Ethernet related companies will converge on at the Axiz Workgroup Auditorium in Midrand for the first ever seminar of its kind. Up to 400 companies are expected to attend the inaugural MEF’s (Metro Ethernet Forum) Ethernet Business Services Seminar that is being hosted by Metrofibre networx on Monday the19th Nov (10:30am-2pm).

The aim of the event is to bring together interested parties from across the industry to showcase how MEF standards will enable all companies in the Internet food chain talk the same language, and so deliver national broadband coverage to enterprise and ultimately consumers. Senior level decision makers will get together to discuss and plan how to get the nation’s “islands of connectivity” to link up

Gary Williams, Head of Presales Engineering at Metrofibre networx and MEF South Africa Marketing Co-Chair, South Africa’s first MEF member says:

“The seminar has the potential to significantly change the network landscape of South Africa and the rest of the continent. Carrier Ethernet is an established technology which everyone supports. If MEF standards can be adopted across the food chain and government can facilitate, we have the ability to rapidly connect our national networks together. This will have a hugely positive impact on the nation’s productivity.”

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South Africa hosts continent’s largest gathering of Ethernet Companies