Boost IT productivity with a FREE fleet management solution

Managing costs and specifically the cost of printing has become a focal point for IT management and business owners.

“All companies, regardless of size, face the challenge of managing and controlling printing costs within their organisations. This includes the ‘type’ of documents that are allowed to be printed, control of colour printing, and even the number of pages each user is allowed to print. HP Web Jetadmin enables companies to maximise productivity within their printing and imaging environments, using a single tool to manage a wide variety of HP and non-HP devices. These include printers, multifunctional devices and digital senders.

HP Web Jetadmin 10.3, which is available as a free download, simplifies the process of printer cost management, by helping organisations to control, monitor and report on the printing environment, obtaining user statistics and more,” says Caron De Fortier, HP Imaging & Printing Group Business Unit Manager at HP distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

HP Web Jetadmin is a single tool that enables print administrators to configure devices, create device groups and templates, conduct remote diagnostics and install firmware. This enables proactive printer management, enhanced fleet deployment and security, fast and accurate problem resolution and advanced reporting capability. Data obtained from the HP Web Jetadmin tool can also be integrated into HP’s innovative Carbon Footprint Calculator, so that organisations can measure and reduce the cost of printing and environmental impact.

Web Jetadmin also allows users to better manage stored print jobs, fonts, forms and macros, and supports auto on / auto off power saving features in selected HP devices. Mapping capabilities provide a visual reference that allows print administrators to quickly identify and correct problems with printers.

Added to these features, this free software also streamlines supplies management. Web Jetadmin software is capable of collecting, storing and displaying ongoing usage information for groups of devices, facilitating consolidated supplies ordering. This simplifies admin for organisations and also allows for better cost control.

Interactive intelligence built into original HP supplies and devices means that print administrators can use Web Jetadmin to access cartridge information, pricing and purchasing options to suit their needs, and then conveniently place an order with an accredited HP reseller,” De Fortier adds.

HP Web Jetadmin is the ideal solution for printing environments of all sizes. It helps organisations to save management time, reduce costs and manage devices and supplies with ease.

Web Jetadmin is available as a free download from


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Boost IT productivity with a FREE fleet management solution