Mobile and Digital Solutions Provider Launches in South Africa

The uptake of smartphone technology in South Africa has supported the unprecedented growth of mobile and digital communication in the country. Brainstorm Mobile Solutions SA, specialists in mobile and digital integrated communications, launched in South Africa on 1 November 2012 and is poised to assist South African companies connect their brands with their customers.

“Brainstorm Mobile Solutions in the UK has provided intelligent mobile and digital solutions across a variety of sectors such as mobile operators, banking institutions, media agencies and broadcast media in the United Kingdom, North America, Australia, South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya since 1994,“ comments Jaco Coetzee, managing director for Brainstorm Mobile Solutions SA.

Excerpts from the 2011 All Media Products Survey (AMPS) as featured on the Mobile Marketing Association of South Africa’s website reveals that in South Africa today there are twice as many cell phones as television sets, there are 4.8 times more households with a cell phone than a computer; 53% of e-mails are sent and received from a cell phone and SMS text messaging is used by 3.5 times more people than e-mail.

“The sheer numbers and opportunities for growth in this country are the factors that have prompted Brainstorm Mobile Solutions to grow its African footprint,” continues Coetzee.

“Gartner predicts that by 2014 location-based service subscriber numbers will have increased to 1.4 billion,” adds Coetzee. “It is difficult to ascertain how many of these subscribers will be South African, but the numbers will be substantial and the supply of location-based services is an area of focus for us going forward.”

Whilst the brand is new to the South African market, Brainstorm Mobile Solutions in the UK has remained at the forefront of mobile and digital trends, developments and legislative requirements and has to date provided services to leading organisations such as O₂, Telefonica, Bank of America, Aer Lingus, Toshiba, Samsung, Mail & Guardian, Tesco Mobile, Travelex, Experian, M&C Saatchi, Insure and Go, Halfords, as well as many others. The knowledge and experience that has been gained can be effectively applied to the South African market.

“The Brainstorm Mobile Solutions SA development and support team is able to offer South African customers extensive experience and knowledge and this is backed up by the UK based development and support team that has been instrumental in establishing Brainstorm Mobile Solutions’ successful international track record,” adds Coetzee.

Brainstorm Mobile Solutions’ operating system, Dragon, is a unified platform with multi-channel and data optimisation capabilities that is constantly upgraded to meet customer demands and industry trends. As a robust and scalable solution, it is able to handle small interactive campaigns up to enterprise level data processing services.

“Dragon is able to stand alone, yet integrates seamlessly with other platforms,” continues Coetzee “and is familiar to our markets as it has been directly integrated in several South African mobile networks already.”

“If history is any sort of barometer, the anticipated growth of mobile and digital communication users in the foreseeable future will be significant and Brainstorm Mobile Solutions SA is geared up to play a pivotal role in the evolving development of these technologies, trends and methodologies in this country, drawing on our global experience and best practices,” concludes Coetzee.

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Mobile and Digital Solutions Provider Launches in South Africa