New and More Powerful Pelco Digital Sentry Video Management Solution

Schneider Electric has announced the release and availability of its updated and improved Pelco by Schneider Electric Digital Sentry hardware platform, with a new DSSRV Network Video Recorder Server (NVRS) powered with the latest processor and on-board graphics technologies at its core. The DSSRV is optimised to deliver the essential support for the popular Digital Sentry DS NVs Video Management Software, which has been preloaded into the hardware platform. It is a flexible and convenient video management system that includes the NVRS, plus analogue camera support via optional direct-attached or network video encoders and support for up to 128 IP and analogue cameras.

The updated Pelco Digital Sentry hardware replaces the previously used hardware, making the product easier to configure, order, install and operate. With a 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 Processor, and eight GB of RAM, DSSRV has ample processing capability and memory to meet the demands of HD video recording and playback operations. Its 280 Mbps bandwidth make it possible to record, stream and export video from as many as 128 IP cameras on the one NVRS.

Key features of the new Digital Sentry solution include:

  • Network video recording of HD and SD IP streams of Pelco and third-party cameras;
  • Optional hybrid expansion of up to 64 analogue channels recording at D1 25 IPS;
  • 280 Mbps available bandwidth for IP recording, viewing and export;
  • Front-accessible, internal storage to 18 TB or 12 TB with optional DVD;
  • Optional configuration for RAID5 (recommended optional RAID5 controller for optimum performance) with removable hard disk drives;
  • ONVIF compliance;
  • Engineered cooling system to extend hard disk drive life; and
  • Front panel design that provides at-a-glance assurance that the system, network and hard drives are all in operating order.

“The new Digital Sentry platform delivers a simplified, optimised and more powerful video management system that provides our customers with an intuitive operation and open architecture,” says Julian Moss, security product manager and solutions architect at Schneider Electric South Africa.

With its Pelco video portfolio, Schneider Electric is one of the world leaders in the design, development and manufacture of video security systems. The new Digital Sentry hardware platform is supported by the popular Partner First program, making it part of the integration platform for access control and other security- related applications. Schneider Electric provides three video management systems to choose from – DX, Digital Sentry and Endura – allowing customers to choose a system to meet their unique requirements. For more information on the new Digital Sentry platform, visit here:

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New and More Powerful Pelco Digital Sentry Video Management Solution