Unmatched Wireless Redundancy from TruTeq Devices

TruTeq Devices, which focuses on providing wireless connectivity solutions to all market sectors, has extended its world class Wireless Connectivity Solutions offered through the reliable Smartoo modem and it’s complimentary expansion units even further with the launch of its new HSPA + Wireless Ethernet SPRi (single port router industrial) –- and its new Ethernet to multiple Expansion interfaces.

The world-first Smartoo modem’s complimentary expansion units comprise of Plug and Play – temperature probes, electronic locks, LCD displays, Input and Output expanders, long range RF piggy back behind GSM connectivity and GPS units.

Derick Roberts, the CEO of TruTeq Devices, said day-to-day challenges for the hobbyist, home owner, farmer, integrator, solutions provider, automation specialist, network administrator, security architect and corporate infrastructure manager “are not becoming easier”: in implanting connectivity solutions that are reliable, secure, fast to deploy and maintain – and still able to be competitive in price.

“Combine these challenges with an ever increasing deteriorating copper network and associated infrastructure prone to long installation lead times and never ending maintenance outage delays from both theft and Mother nature’s relentless lightning, rain and Water onslaughts – and you have a disaster waiting to happen..

“Even Optic Fiber infrastructure is not immune against theses ‘back actors’, theft issues, and a habitual lack of access – where deployment costs can be punitive. It’s not only service-affecting but concomitant downtime drastically affects efficiencies and bottom lines – regardless of industry or market sector.”

“We are faced with a swathe of ongoing banking challenges through ATM bombings, or simply running out of cash unannounced, not knowing if your system is up or down until maintenance staff calls – and not knowing if power on site was simply out instead or cut on purpose in preparation for a robbery or attack.

“For any company’s remote networking solution’s requirements, such as the mines, factories, remote branches, hotels and guest houses – or even farmers whose businesses are reliant on internet connectivity — this scenario is simply not good enough.”

Roberts said that in this day and age where the real power of IP (Internet Protocol) based solutions are becoming the norm, the TruTeq SPRi routers offer dual sim network redundancy from the best-covered networks – complete with diversity antenna solutions, which empowers the device to automatically look for fastest connectivity available and auto switch over when connectivity cannot be achieved.

In hard-to-attain network environments — due to the limitations in length of RF Antenna Cables — the POE (Power Over Ethernet) version of the SPRi will allow the solutions provider to place the SPRi where a signal can be obtained

“A la on top of the Windmill” in a weatherproof enclosure — and now using the Ethernet cable back to where connectivity is required — suddenly 100 meters of range extension becomes possible.

“Where ADSL type of connections are still in working order, the HSPA+ SPRi can provide a versatile wireless ‘Bridge Mode’ redundancy option to keep networks alive when the copper connection fails.

“However,” Roberts explained, “when the copper connection gets re-established the SPRi will return the connectivity to the primary ADSL setup.”

The built-in AC and DC Power Supply of the SPRi allows for uptime from battery- driven back-up packs, even when the electricity provider fails. Meanwhile, sim card packages from the GSM operators have become attractive not only in data cost offerings but also in options for amortizing hardware deployment costs over contract periods.

All this simply means that connectivity can be achieved as fast as a sim card can be obtained and inserted.

“This is easily achievable, even for typical CCTV or video verification solutions in moving vehicles from a DC power supply type of environment, extending wireless networking to IP Camera solutions, DVR’s with cheaper Analogue type of Solutions — and even WiFi based camera solutions.

“The SPRi becomes the ultimate connectivity hub,” said Roberts.

To simply up the connectivity interfacing game, TruTeq is “proud to announce”: – as expansion offerings on the back of the SPRi’s connectivity –some very innovative add-on devices. This has enabled the solving of normal challenges to get analogue and digital signals converted into Ethernet-like security.

It also allows the introduction of utility metering products. Here, for example, the Ether I/O Box is perfectly aligned to achieve this through four digital inputs and four digital outputs per box that plug into the SPRi.

Being Ethernet, up to 255 boxes can also suddenly be added in a typical LAN environment.

“Another challenge for the smart metering utility environment — or generator controller, air con, fire panel or HVAC type applications — are the typical issues of trying to convert RS232 and / or RS485 BUS communication systems to an Ethernet environment. This,” explained Roberts, “is now easily achieved with the 232/485 Ethernet TruTeq Expansion — once again as plug in unit behind the SPRi Router.

“The onboard DHCP Server makes for automatic IP Address assignment, from the device. Web based customer interface and setup allows for remote access for site setup.

“Even device support can be interfaced — such as via firmware upgrades.”

Commenting further, Roberts said that in today’s life – at around R12-00 to a litre of fuel -– it is a “no-brainer” to keep remote sites active and supported with minimal service affecting downtime.

Other product enhancements/offerings
Port switch expansion units allow for the single port router to become an 8 port or 4 x port solution at the drop of a hat, extending connectivity to multiple devices on demand.

DIN rail mounting allows for industrial mounting solutions in factory or machine – to – machine (M2M) type applications, although TruTeq also provides different “complete box” kitting solutions with built-in battery backup and battery charging management solutions.

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Unmatched Wireless Redundancy from TruTeq Devices