A Perfect Picture From Any Angle

Get a great picture from practically any viewing angle, along with up to 80% savings on energy with the Philips IPS LED 237E3QPHSU monitor, featuring LED backlighting and PowerSensor technology, available now from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

The IPS display uses advanced technology to deliver extra-wide viewing angles of 178˚, making the display viewable from all sides. PowerSensor determines the presence of a user in front of the screen, and automatically reduces the brightness of the screen when the user steps away from the desk.

This 23-inch monitor offers full HD quality with a host of features that ensure it delivers rich colours, deep blacks and a sharp, crystal clear viewing experience. LED backlighting ensures a consistent brightness level, while SmartImage Lite technology optimises the viewing experience. SmartContrast delivers a contrast ratio of 20 000 000:1 for super sharp black detailing, and a full 16:9 HD widescreen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels offers the best possible picture quality.

“SmartImage Lite is an exclusive Philips technology that analyses the content displayed onscreen and based on preset scenarios will dynamically enhance the contrast, colour saturation and sharpness of images and videos for optimal display performance. SmartContrast ensures accurate rendition of both darks and colours, making this display ideal for viewing photos and videos and perfect for working in environments like design where accurate colour reproduction is essential,” says Bruce Byrne, Visual Communication Specialist at DCC.

The IPS LED monitor has two HDMI ports plus all of the required hardware for HD Multimedia Interface input, for high quality digital video and audio from PCs and notebooks as well as set-top boxes, DVD players and video cameras. A sleek, elegant design to complement home or office decor, with a translucent blue bezel and modern touch controls, ensures that this monitor fits in, in any environment.

“The Philips IPS LED monitor is the smart, green choice for today’s world. PowerSensor helps to cut energy costs by up to 80% and dramatically extends the life of the monitor. Mercury-free construction means that the monitor can be recycled safely, and all packaging is 100% recyclable,” Byrne concludes.

The Philips IPS LED 237E3QPHSU, LED backlight with PowerSensor monitor is available from selected resellers for a recommended retail price of R2 080.00 including VAT.

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A Perfect Picture From Any Angle