Quintica Brings BMC End User Experience Management to Local Customers

ICT and professional services company Quintica, a BMC Elite partner, is bringing local customers access to the BMC End User Experience Management suite of products and solutions.

The BMC End User Experience Management suite is designed to proactively detect and isolate end user performance issues before they negatively impact your business reputation and revenue. The solution ensures you are able to reduce the time, effort, and operational cost involved with resolving application performance issues by providing both IT and the business with real-time insight into the end-user application experience.

“Customers looking to exceed service levels and avoid costly, reputation-damaging application slowdowns and outages through improved real-time visibility into end-user performance can turn to BMC End User Experience Management to helpthem on their journey,” states Mark Ackerman, technology director at Quintica.

“The offering allows a business to manage application performance across technologies in their physical infrastructure, the cloud, Internet, corporate networks or content delivery networks (CDNs) at the same time providing visibility from mobile devices to the data centre,” he adds.

With the BMC End User Experience Management suite an organisation can ensure reliable, high-performing apps by detecting problems 90% faster as well as prioritising and isolating the root cause of issues based on service levels and user complaints.

The suite also enables a customer to better manage virtual environments through its support of virtual and cloud-based services and then in turn manages the impact of these on the end user experience. BMC End User Experience Management also assists business through cost reductions by restoring services up to 80% faster than manual processes further reducing the time it takes to isolate problems within the application environment.

“This latest technology from BMC is the ideal solution for customers who are bogged down by poor application performance and where the IT department isn’t aware of issues or who don’t have a roadmap to resolve them. It is the perfect tool to improve service levels and end user satisfaction, improve service deployment and business agility, control costs, increase revenue and profits while at the same time enabling virtualising and the cloud,” ends Ackerman.

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Quintica Brings BMC End User Experience Management to Local Customers