Instant Business Insight: CQS Launches CaseWare Interactive Dashboard

With its CaseWare solutions depended upon by busy accounting professionals across South Africa, software company CQS Technology Holdings has introduced a companion product which provides instant and detailed insight into financial operations for company executives. Dubbed CaseWare Interactive Dashboard, the new solution draws on information contained in CaseWare, but presents it in a manner which is easily understood and internalised even by those who are not accounting specialists.

Ross Hampton, Director at CQS, says the premise behind the solution is simple: “Business executives will often say ‘draw me a picture’ when the accounting staff are explaining the company position in terms of what the books say. That’s what the CaseWare Interactive Dashboard does; it takes complex information and presents it in such a manner that financial reports make perfect sense and trends easily identified.”

With this solution, he says it is possible to have a better understanding of the financial position of the business without delay. “It equips executives to easily view, interact and distribute up-to-date company financial information. Or it can be used by accountants, either those working within a company or as external consultants, allowing the improved presentation of business performance information in such a way that everyone can understand it.”

Hampton says CaseWare Interactive Dashboard improves the way critical financial information is viewed, analysed and distributed. “Accountants don’t always speak in a language that everyone can understand. CaseWare Interactive Dashboard gets past that, providing anything from the highest level visual summary of the company’s position, while providing the ability to drill down to the details of the underlying records.”

Attention is focused on making the dashboards easy to read and navigate, while encouraging interactive discussion of reporting. “This supports the ability for financial and non-financial staff alike to collaborate and gain a deeper understanding of financial information, supporting improved decision-making without the need for lengthy hours of data analysis.”

The CaseWare Interactive Dashboard solution includes pre-designed interactive dashboard templates to get you up and running in no time. From these templates, users can also customise their own dashboards to their particular requirements for sharing of visual business reports.

“These reports can be delivered to and viewed on various platforms, including tablets, smartphones and personal computers, while online discussions are facilitated with a built-in social networking interface,” Hampton adds.

Available immediately and recommended for any organisations, the CaseWare Interactive Dashboard is suitable for accounting and auditing firms, government departments and private sector organisations.

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Instant Business Insight: CQS Launches CaseWare Interactive Dashboard