The Notebook Company Extends Credit Terms to Customers via RCS

The Notebook Company – one of the country’s leading notebook and accessories retailers – which also runs the on-line Sites: and – has announced that it has been approved as an RCS ‘acceptor’, allowing the company to issue and accept RCS cards as payment for goods for up to 24 months.

The RCS Group is an independent, financial services company operating in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. Since its inception in 1999 RCS has provided credit and financial services to more than one million customers. Christopher Riley, MD of The Notebook Company, said that even though he is skeptical about selling to customers on credit – given the dire financial conditions facing many companies and consumers – “going the RCS route enables us to enter into credit agreements with the call on an established, well run financial institution.”

He said he expects credit sales via RCS to grow over the next 12 months, and could have “a noticeable” impact on the company’s overall revenue.

“It is hard to project what revenue will now be generated via RCS sales, but I do believe it will be more than a blimp on the radar screen.”

Credit deals offered by The Notebook Company

The notebook Company offers short term rentals on laptops, iPads, projectors and related IT equipment. The company also offers a variety of longer term finance applications, from personal applications, business applications to Vodacom contracts.

Clients can apply online at

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The Notebook Company Extends Credit Terms to Customers via RCS