SAS Named as a Leader in Analyst Firm’s Integrated Marketing Management Report

Business analytics software provider SAS, a leader in integrated marketing management (IMM), has been placed in the Leaders quadrant in analyst firm Gartner Inc.’s latest report, “Magic Quadrant for Integrated Marketing Management“.

IMM is an integral foundation for a customer-focused business strategy that drives profitable revenue growth. IMM aligns two broad aspects of marketing: planning and operations with multi-channel campaign management and customer experience.

“Many marketers invest in one aspect or another, such as workflow, demand generation and reporting, but true value comes from an integrated approach that connects marketing operations with multichannel campaign executions,” says Mandie Herzfeld, Senior Solution Manager – Integrated Marketing Management, SAS Institute . “This integrated approach is where marketers can calibrate the financial, operational, and customer impacts of every single marketing activity”.

  • Integrated marketing management results in businesses not only creating better customer experiences, but do so more efficiently and cost-effectively. SAS’ approach to IMM provides marketers with the ability to: Understand the customer – gain deep insight into the behaviors, preferences, motivations and attitudes of customers by capturing and analyzing multichannel interactions and online behavior.
  • Make smarter marketing decisions – high-value information analysis creates practical intelligence across a range of marketing channels, aligned to the buyer’s journey.
  • Accelerate time to market – introduce more effective, closed-loop processes and re-use valuable marketing assets.
  • Improve customer profitability and customer experience – ensure that all customer marketing campaigns are properly targeted, executed and managed, and the learning from each is continually captured and built into future campaigns.
  • Lower the cost of marketing execution – streamline the marketing process and increase the accuracy and velocity of customer offers.
  • Improve marketing self-sufficiency and agility – provide relevant, easy to use interfaces to the right people within marketing and other departments involved in customer engagement.

SAS continues to tightly integrate campaign management activities with other SAS® solutions, such as social media and online analytics, to provide a holistic view of the business that can help organizations achieve profitable revenue growth.

“We are extremely proud of SAS’ placement in the leader’s quadrant of this report, especially as our integrated solutions are helping customers to dramatically improve profitability and marketing performance by ensuring that all multi-channel marketing campaigns are properly planned, targeted, executed, managed, and refined in real-time”, concludes Herzfeld.

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SAS Named as a Leader in Analyst Firm’s Integrated Marketing Management Report