Antfarm Facilitates the Video Streaming for CTA in Addis Ababa

Antfarm, one of the country’s leading video streaming service providers, facilitated the live broadcast of the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation ACP-EC (CTA) conference, focused on transforming smallholder agriculture, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from the 6 – 9 November 2012.

The Addis Ababa conference was the third event broadcast by Antfarm for CTA – the first being in South Africa, and the second in Kenya earlier this year.

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) is a joint Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP)-EU institution whose mission is to advance food and nutritional security, increase prosperity and encourage sound natural resource management in ACP countries. It does this by providing access to information and knowledge and strengthening the capacity of agricultural and rural development institutions and communities in ACP countries. CTA also facilitates multi-stakeholder engagements and dialogue in agriculture and rural development, thereby providing an enabling environment for knowledge sharing, consensus building and learning, to inform policies and decision making processes and improve rural livelihoods.

The conference in Addis Ababa was focused on debating how best to incorporate smallholders into value chains and help foster and encourage entrepreneurship. Representatives came from the private sector, government, civil society and farmer organisations – with the central focus being on presenting, and discussing, ways of promoting agricultural value chains.

Samuel Mikenga, media programme coordinator for CTA, said : “We retained Antfarm as a webcaster of choice for our diverse online audience because of its impeccable record of producing quality and professionally finished products. They also have top-notch customer relations and a skilled, knowledgeable and hard-working team of engineers for the job”

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Antfarm Facilitates the Video Streaming for CTA in Addis Ababa