PathView Cloud Helps you get the Service you’re Paying for

As more and more business applications are delivered remotely, it’s becoming critical for IT managers to optimise network performance outside the boundaries of their own organisations, says Chris Burrell of Vox Telecom.

“It’s not good enough anymore just to monitor and manage your own network,” says Burrell. “So many applications are moving to the cloud, and performance is now hugely influenced by what’s happening on remote highways that you don’t own and can’t control. You have to use a tool like PathView Cloud to be able to see the detail of what’s happening to your IP packets along their entire route.”

Armed with detailed information, says Burrell, IT managers can make decisions about how to optimise their applications. “If you’re experiencing bottlenecks, it might be that you need to pay for a better quality of service. If you’re already buying the appropriate quality of service package, you may need to check that you are getting the service you are paying for end to end from your ISP. And if the problem turns out to be something neither of you can control, you may need to make another plan on how you deliver that application.”

It’s not uncommon for PathView Cloud users to spot issues that can be easily solved, says Burrell. “If you’re paying for your traffic to be routed via New York and it’s actually going via Hong Kong, you’ll need to have a word with your ISP,” he says. “It’s a great way to hold your service provider accountable.”

PathView Cloud can also help avoid wasteful investments, adds Burrell. “The biggest reason for cloud-based voice and video solutions to fail is that clients don’t have enough bandwidth, or it’s not of sufficiently quality. Upgrading can be a costly exercise, which can kill the projected ROI on the project. So making sure your network is application ready before you make an investment is absolutely critical.”

With PathView Cloud, says Burrell, “we can pre-assess and continuously monitor your network for voice or video, within codec or class of service you specify. It’s a small precaution that can save a fortune.”

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PathView Cloud Helps you get the Service you’re Paying for