A breath of fresh air with Samsung

Most people look forward to the changing of the seasons. Summer is the time for braais, preparing for the December holidays, and getting some rest and relaxation by the pool. Unfortunately, those who suffer from hay-fever and sinusitis dread this time as even just going for a walk can provoke an allergic reaction. Thankfully, with modern technology there are ways to get around it.

Many illnesses caused by allergic reactions and external irritations are often considered to be trivial by those who do not suffer from them. Yet, if they are left untreated they can impact on energy, mood, and all round well-being. But how can technology help to mitigate some of the symptoms and improve the quality of life for sufferers?

Clean, energised air
Believe it or not, but air conditioners play a key role – gone are the days when they were simply used to keep cool on those hot summer days, or warm on those cold winter mornings. Now, they incorporate ioniser technology which aims at cleaning and purifying the air as well as creating a dust-free environment. Heating and cooling are considered to be standard features on the latest range of air conditioners, but how does air modification work?

A good example is the latest Samsung Jungfrau air conditioning system which features an advanced high density filter that keeps a room fresh and clean. This unit offers improved filtration by removing even the smallest microscopic particles and transforms polluted air into clean, energised air. “In addition, the filter is focused on allergy care. It not only removes bacteria and dust particles but reduces symptoms. By incorporating a special coating, the filter helps protect against allergies and keeps the environment fresh and healthy,” says Michael McKechnie, Business Leader for Digital Air Solutions at Samsung Electronics South Africa..

Fighting the flu
Not only is the filter a welcome addition to the fight against polluted air, but Samsung has introduced the Virus Doctor system that works to improve indoor air quality. This technology is compacted into a personal ion generator that eliminates influenza viruses like the H1N1, deactivates bacteria and mould, neutralises hydroxyl radicals, and eradicates all allergens.

The system uses Super Plasma-ion technology to generate activated hydrogen and oxygen ions which transform toxins from the air into harmless water vapour. This has been proven as the most effective purification technology, generating a far higher number of ions and covering a larger area. Most importantly, it is completely safe and non-toxic.

Healthier living
However, a common misconception is that air conditioners produce mould and spread germs – due to the difference between the internal and external air temperatures causing moisture to form inside the unit and creating bacteria. Samsung has taken this into account and introduced an auto-cleaning feature in all its air conditioners that automatically runs the fan even after it is switched off to ensure everything is kept dry and odour-free to ensure germs do not spread.

“So I encourage that even if you do not suffer from hay-fever or sinusitis, consider an air conditioner that not only keeps you cool this summer but that also ensures your air is kept clean and bacteria-free for all-round healthier living,” concludes McKechnie.

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A breath of fresh air with Samsung