Datacentrix and Cannon team up to provide Tier 4 data centre solution

IT solution provider, Datacentrix has partnered with Cannon Technologies, an international provider of data cabinets and metal enclosure systems, to bring its state-of-the-art, energy saving Tier 4 data centre solution to the local market.

“Today’s modern enterprise demands a data centre solution that can be rapidly deployed, without sacrificing any of the core design principles of a Tier 4 capable data centre, including high availability, adaptability, security, energy efficiency and redundancy,” explains Brian Lendrum, business development manager of Datacentrix’ Infrastructure Optimisation Solutions business unit.

“Datacentrix has identified infrastructure optimisation solutions as one of its core strategic initiatives, and, based on this focus, established a partnership with Cannon Technologies. Through this affiliation, we are able to help drive down the costs of operating a data centre by providing modular, yet highly robust and secure Tier 4 data centre solutions that can decrease energy costs while maximising precious floor space.”

In fact, the Cannon offering was recently lauded by business research and consulting firm, Frost & Sullivan, stating that its offering is strongly positioned to garner market share as the trend is currently moving towards racks integrated with active components, added security and cooling. The Cannon Smart Space cabinet was mentioned in particular, in terms of its security features, planning and cost advantages, easier data centre management, improved cable access and enhanced work practice in the data centre.

The modular Cannon solution allows for the maximisation of data centre space by being adaptable to the amount of space available, is highly customisable and can be expanded on a “just in time” basis as and when required. It is delivered in a flat pack format that allows for rapid deployment – within a matter of weeks, rather than the months needed for traditional brick and mortar solutions.

In addition, it utilises the CannonCool data centre cooling solution, which includes passive climate control, rack cooling or liquid chilling of high performance equipment, and can be designed to meet precise requirements. The CannonPower range of power solutions enables temperature and environment monitoring, which provides for real-time measurement and control, with alarms and pre-programmed actions based on temperature and humidity measurement at multiple points within each rack, plus measurement of electricity usage at the per-equipment level within each rack. This reporting is all made possible through the Cannon T4 Data Centre Manager (T4 DCM) software suite.

The Cannon Technologies solution makes use of a complete range of racks and accessories, including Smart Cab, a preconfigured intelligent cabinet, ServerSmart Cab, Smart Net, mini cabinets, Cannon patching frames catering for high density patching frames for both copper and fibre plus multi-media, as well as wall-mounted 19 inch cabinets.

From a security perspective, CannonGuard offers the remote and local management of security at rack level, including fingerprint, palmprint and iris scanning.

“Our customers confirmed the grey/ white rack colour has reduced data centre lighting by up to 40 percent when compared to traditional black racks. This means that, in effect, grey/ white is the new green,” explains Lendrum. “From a Tier 4 data centre perspective, we can provide complete, ready-to-use ISO-container based data centres, catering for high density loads (temporary or permanent) and mobile applications such as disaster recovery.

“Furthermore, the Tier 4 mini data centre solution delivers a complete data centre in a single rack, containing everything from an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), security, cooling and patching, to environmental monitoring and the full version of Cannon’s Data Centre Manager DCIM implementation.”

Datacentrix is also able to supply Cannon T4 Data Centre PODs, which feature complete “cocooning” solutions for aisle-containment, and the more efficient management of cooling and PUE (power usage effectiveness).

“We are even able to accommodate a retrofit aisle cocooning solution for existing racks and cabinets, irrespective of the type of cabinets or racks being used within existing legacy data centres, where the per-rack heating load has increased far beyond those cabinets’ heat management capabilities,” he adds. “This approach can lead to huge savings without having to go through the disruption by avoiding wholesale rack change outs.”

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Datacentrix and Cannon team up to provide Tier 4 data centre solution