New Desktop Label Printing Solutions Available from Zetes

As a Premier Partner to Zebra Technologies in South Africa, Zetes (formerly ProScan) is able to supply the new Zebra ZT200 printer series to South African customers. The new series is intended for light industrial and commercial applications and offers advanced printer integration capabilities and complete device management.

Zebra’s ZT200 series has been designed to meet the ever-changing needs of customers by providing solutions that will increase productivity and drive efficiency. From the design to the features, these latest offerings address the typical printing challenges faced by customers while providing them with a reliable platform that can be updated in the field.

“Zetes constantly strives to meet the specific and varied needs of its customers operating in a number of market segments, and we are excited to offer this series of industrial printers as they are fast, easy to use, and compatible in a multitude of environments, including those with existing printers and systems,” comments Karin Parker, national sales manager for Zetes South Africa.

The ZT200 desktop printers allow organisations to improve efficiency in a variety of market segments. Some of the specific uses include:

  • Manufacturing – light work-in-process tracking, inventory management
  • Transportation & logistics – order picking and packing, shipping and receiving, and compliance labelling
  • Retail – warehouse logistics and back-of-store applications
  • Healthcare – specimen labelling and pharmacy labelling

“This is an exciting time for bar code printers and other AIDC technologies as new adopters are turning to these technologies. The ZT200 answers the market need of small and medium-sized businesses interested in these technologies to increase business efficiencies,” continues Parker.

The new line of printers is able to fit into a customer’s existing enterprises, is durable and able to withstand harsh environments. In addition, the ZT200 series helps limit ownership costs and maximises printer uptime because it is easy to connect to the network and maintain without the use of tools, while the intuitive user interface simplifies the user’s learning curve for the product.

Furthermore, the ZT200 series addresses customer design requirements in that its smaller size allows it to fit into crowded workspaces and the bi-fold door makes it easier to change media in a cramped area.

The ZT200 series offers two models, namely the ZT220 and ZT230. The ZT220 is positioned as Zebra’s most affordable desktop printer and is housed in a high-impact polymer case for long lasting use. It is ideally suited to barcode labelling applications with infrequent label changes. The rugged, all metal case used for the ZT230 ensures long lasting use and this model is ideally suited to barcode labelling applications that require more frequent label changes.

“Effective product support is an integral aspect of the Zebra Technologies offer, and it is for this reason that we appoint Zebra Authorised Service Providers (ZASP),” comments Janine McEwan, territory manager for Zebra Technologies “ZASP accreditation is granted to Zebra resellers who have demonstrated a commitment to provide quality repair service and technical support for Zebra products.”

As a ZASP in South Africa, Zetes is geared to provide the necessary back-up and support to the new ZT200 series, as well as all other Zebra Technologies products it supplies to the South African market.

To coincide with the launch of the ZT200 series, Zetes is offering customers a special bundle deal comprising a printer, software and media. “We are excited about the addition of the ZT200 Printer Series to the Zetes product offering as it further expands our ability to meet the specific needs of our numerous and varied customers,” concludes Parker.


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New Desktop Label Printing Solutions Available from Zetes