TAKEALOT.com Takes Black Friday Online

TAKEALOT.com, SA’s fastest growing online store, promises crazy discounts and slashed prices with South Africa’s first Black Friday Sale on Friday, 23 November.

Black Friday is traditionally one of the biggest shopping days in the USA and, signals the start of the festive shopping season. The term Black Friday started in Philadelphia in the US and was initially coined to describe the heavy traffic in the city on the day after Thanksgiving. As it evolved into a shopping day, it is also thought to be the first time in the year that retailers start to make a profit moving there their financials from the red to the black, hence Black Friday.

Consumers brave enough to face the early start with hordes of other shoppers are rewarded with great bargains and discounts.

“South Africa has never experienced anything like this before. We are used to having major sales after Christmas. This year TAKEALOT.com decided to buck the trend and pioneer the Black Friday concept with SA shoppers. We see this as an opportunity to kick-start our festive season with great deals and specials that may help a little in these tough economic times,” says TAKEALOT.com CEO Kim Reid.

TAKEALOT.com customers have the opportunity to take advantage of huge discounts and special offers that are valid this Friday only. The sale starts at 00:01am on Friday, 23 November and will close at 23:59. Thousands of individual items across 14 different categories will be on sale. Early birds will benefit the most and sale prices will be valid while stocks last.

“For those in the know, Black Friday is famous for its in-store mayhem and chaos, we however, offer customers a safe, secure and convenient online shopping experience. This is an opportunity for us to share the exciting shopping experience that Americans have come to love. Beat the crowds and get the biggest discounts for one day only at TAKEALOT.com,” says Reid.

Online shopping in South Africa is growing at an accelerated pace. “As SA’s internet capacity and capability is growing we are noticing more people are choosing to do their shopping online due to convenience, wide product range and security. Join the online shopping revolution and be part of the phenomenon that is Black Friday,” he says.

In the spirit of Black Friday, all sale items ordered online on Friday, 23 November will be delivered free of charge.

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TAKEALOT.com Takes Black Friday Online