TruTeq first to offer pre-paid security solution in SA

TruTeq Devices, which focuses on providing wireless connectivity solutions to all market sectors, is the first company in South Africa to launch a solution for the pre-paid security industry, an industry expected to rival the pre-paid utility and airtime markets.

The company has implemented a number of pilot sites for its pre-paid solutions and has already announced the signing of commercial partners in the Philippines, France and Germany.

Said Derick Roberts, CEO of TruTeq Devices: “While we are looking at the South African market – and this will initially be our primary focus – we are also aiming to supply our solutions around the globe. We believe this solution is possibly a global first – it is certainly a South African first.”

Commenting further, Roberts said his company has signed on a number of South African distributors, whom all offer complimentary solutions through their day to day business activities, products and services, and whom will be supplying shrink-wrapped offerings to various sectors of the local market.

These sectors include the Security space, Automation environment, Agricultural sector, Food and Restaurant industries, Utility arenas, Network Operators, VAS providers, Building Management Industry and Communications networks.

At the core of the company’s pre-paid security solution is its single box solution, which falls under the Smartoo modem family of products.

The Smartoo modem family of products is believed to be a new, market-leading concept which allows users to remotely run, and monitor, a wide range of business and home-based utilities and facilities.

The capabilities include voice monitoring with real time DTMF switching capability of vast numbers of peripheral equipment, remote device management, wireless remote utility metering and control devices, site management and monitoring solutions, CCTV and visual verification systems, high-speed wireless Internet connectivity, scalable wireless security solutions, home and industrial automated solutions, and access control solutions.

The pre-paid security solution is just one of the markets that TruTeq intends focusing on – a market it believes will be “one of the fastest growing in South Africa”.

“With crime as high as it is in South Africa, and with no real hope of subsiding, the South African population needs to protect itself. Beyond just putting alarm systems and burglar bars in, thanks to our Smart pre-paid security solution, even low income earners will be able to access ‘on the go’ affordable security.

“While they might not be able to afford security services around the clock, they will, for instance, be able to pay for services when they are away from home, for instance. By making use of our solution, low income earners have the choice of buying what they can afford in little bites – rather than having to sign expensive yearly contracts. Alternatively Security solutions that can act as add – on solutions to existing alarms are possible such as for the storeroom, barn, chicken pen, garden flat, caravan, boat, holiday cottage, low cost house or temporary dwelling where armed response either is not required or unaffordable and normal security company infrastructure such as response vehicles and personal cannot be deployed due to associated costs. Instead the community can respond to each others requirements through communicating incidents to local community or neighbors. There are a slew of potential options,” said Roberts an even address burning issues such as job creation through the deployment of these devices, and initiatives such as “Bobby on the Beat or on the Bicycle” type of environments… complimented by ease of distribution, installation and support functions where the community can become involved in. A great upliftment and infrastructure initiative securing communities from all walks of life.

He said top-ups can be facilitated remotely, via mobile devices from the company’s “Mobi” applications such as cellular phones, desktop vending terminals or the internet.

More about the offerings

The company offers a complete Control Room customer account management software interface, complementing its Devices to allow faster solution implementation and time to market for integrators, solution providers and ultimately end-customers This also provides for annuity based business opportunities through selling, installing, maintaining and monitoring of these solutions and associated services .

Because the solutions offer remote device control they are able to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce operational costs and downtime as well as ultimately increase revenue assurance and associated SLA agreements. In addition, GSM VAS (Value Added Services) compliancy means that annuity based income streams can be created for just about any business.

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TruTeq first to offer pre-paid security solution in SA