Data protection and infrastructure security are top priorities for business IT professionals

Among the numerous issues facing any company’s infrastructure security, the most critical are preventing unauthorised infiltration into the corporate network and protecting confidential information. This has emerged from a survey conducted by B2B International in July 2012, for Kaspersky Lab.

Company employees responsible for critical business decisions, including those related to IT security, were asked to single out the three tasks which they consider the most important for IT personnel. The top issue was preventing cybercriminals from infiltrating the corporate network – this was highlighted by 31% of those surveyed.

Information protection was chosen by 27%, making it the second most important task. To deal with this issue, a variety of measures are applied – backup copying, combating data leakage caused by staff, repelling cyber-attacks and many others. Since cybercriminals are looking for confidential information first and foremost, every possible effort should be made to ensure its safety.

It should be also noted that the immediate problem of controlling the use of mobile devices is only ranked third – just 13% regard work with MDM systems as among the three most critical tasks. This is striking in that, according to the same survey, 55% of companies are now seriously concerned about the security of mobile devices. This concern is not, apparently, being translated into prioritised action.

It is essential to apply some restrictions to the installation and launch of software on corporate devices with access to business information and services. High-quality anti-malware protection is also required, especially for Android devices. In addition, smartphones and tablets must support remote administration, so that access can be blocked and information deleted in the event of the device being lost or stolen. High-quality protection against malware and remote blocking capabilities are provided by Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Smartphone. This solution also makes it possible to locate the missing device using an integrated GPS module.

The full version of the report of the results of the survey by B2B International in July 2012 is available at

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Data protection and infrastructure security are top priorities for business IT professionals