Saab Grintek relies on RDB Consulting for maximum database uptime

Saab Grintek Technologies (Saab Grintek), a leading empowerment technology group with a focus on ICT, energy management, logistics support and global connectivity services has relied on RDB Consulting for Oracle Database Administration (DBA) services for more than five years. RDB Consulting delivers on-demand mission critical database support and maintenance services to not only Saab Grintek, but also their clients, providing them with maximum uptime for their business critical database environments.

RDB Consulting conducts regular proactive health checks as part of their service to ensure that Saab Grintek’s databases are running smoothly and optimally, resulting in maximum uptime. This is also extended to select Saab Grintek clients, complementing the basket of solutions Saab Grintek is able to offer its customers. Thanks to a flexible service model from RDB Consulting, Saab Grintek is also able to adapt its services to comply with changing business needs.

“We selected RDB Consulting as our outsource partner as they are specialists in database management and maintenance. As a systems integrator (SI) in the telecoms domain, this is not our core competency. Therefore in order to deliver the best service to our customers we took the decision to outsource these services to the best provider. We have enjoyed a longstanding relationship with RDB Consulting and this relationship has been highly beneficial for us and our clients,” says Jai Perumal, General Manager, Managed Applications at Saab Grintek.

“RDB Consulting has provided us with exceptional service in the past and to date. We greatly appreciate their understanding of our unique business environment and further applaud their attitude towards our flexible business requirements. RDB Consulting delivers service excellence to Saab Grintek and our customers,” he adds.

RDB Consulting supports the mission critical database services of one of Saab Grintek’s largest clients. An outsource provider suppliers skilled database resources as and when they are needed to ensure that this supporting function is always up and running optimally. RDB Consulting’s commitment to service excellence is evident by the fact that Saab Grintek’s largest client has not experienced a single minute of database downtime.

“Our client has unique requirements and we appreciate the fact that RDB Consulting took the time to understand the client and the environment. Our service contract with them is flexible, allowing us to purchase hours and use them as and when needed. They are always available, even after hours, and willing to assist with skilled resources,” adds Perumal.

“The database is a crucial component of today’s information-driven business world and as such it needs to be maintained. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver maximum uptime and a flexible service offering that meets the exact needs of our clients. Our ongoing contract with Saab Grintek demonstrates the value of building relationships to deliver tailored services, which add value for our clients. We look forward to a continuing, mutually beneficial relationship in the future,” concludes Angelique Smit, Client Relationship Manager at RDB Consulting.

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Saab Grintek relies on RDB Consulting for maximum database uptime