Spark ATM Systems scoops prestigious Technology Top 100 Sustainability Award

Spark ATM Systems, South Africa’s premier independent Automated Teller Machine (ATM) deployer, received the esteemed JSE Limited Award for Sustainable Performance at the recent Technology Top 100 Awards, in recognition for its contribution to the ATM industry and South African society as a whole.

According to Marc Sternberg, Managing Director of Spark ATM Systems, the company is honoured to have been recognised by the Technology Top 100 Awards for the fourth consecutive year. “We are extremely proud to have won the coveted Award for Excellence for Sustainable Performance which is the most prestigious award across the categories.”

The award recognises a South African company that best demonstrates its ability to manage the TIPSTM (Technology, Innovation, People and Systems) judging criteria elements within its own operations, as well as its capability to manage its environmental impact, commitment to empowerment, job creation and employment equity.

Spark ATM Systems, which was founded in 2005, is a national organisation with sales and technical capabilities across South Africa and provides secure, accessible and convenient cash withdrawal solutions to consumers in convenient retail and hospitality locations.

Sternberg says all technology is developed by the company’s in-house research and development team including, among others, transaction processing systems, ATM software, monitoring and administrative systems and Customer Relationship Management systems. “This ensures that we consistently remain at the forefront of local and international ATM technological innovation.”

The awards – which have evolved over 18 years – recognise true South African role models and mentors, who are either users or developers of technology, and who, through innovation, have been able to take their organisations to new levels of competitiveness. Award-winners must also demonstrate how they have created a link between technology, innovation and people to ensure strategic business objectives are met.

“We are thrilled that we have once again been recognised for our continuous efforts to provide innovative, advanced and user-friendly technological solutions to the ATM industry. The award is testament to our national team’s dedication and drive, which enables the company to ultimately provide merchants and consumers with an ATM solution and service that makes their lives easier, safer and more convenient,” concludes Sternberg.

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Spark ATM Systems scoops prestigious Technology Top 100 Sustainability Award