DCC announces Overland Storage leap forward in Tape Evolution with LTO6 offerings

Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has announced the availability of Overland Storage’s groundbreaking LTO6 technology in its line of NEO Series tape libraries.

The NEO Series libraries with LTO6 combine the latest in tape technology advancements. Providing up to 6.25TB of storage capacity on a single data cartridge, the new LTO6 technology now increases user storage capacities by more than twice that of previous generation technology. Incredibly fast data transfer rates of up to 1.4TB/hr per tape drive enables users to back up and retrieve data at lightning-fast speeds. When LTO6 tape drives are incorporated into a NEO-Series tape library, users can take advantage of storage capacities ranging from 56TB to 6.3PB and move data at speeds ranging from 576GB/hr up to 35TB/hr. The increase in capacity and performance as well as embedded Linear Tape File Systems (LTFS) technology which provides “drag & drop” tape functionality continues to put tape at the forefront of long-term data storage.

“The introduction of the next level of LTO tape technology in the form of LTO6 once again proves that tape as a data storage medium is far from becoming a dinosaur technology, as some technologists perceive it. Overland NEO Series tape libraries are now all available with LTO6 technology. With extremely low cost of ownership and reliability levels of more than five-nines (99.999 percent), customers can incorporate tape technology into their storage strategy, safe in the knowledge that they will out-last and in many cases, out-perform SATA disk based solutions,” says Raul del Fabbro, Storage Solutions Division Manager at DCC.

“With this next generation of LTO technology, we see tape moving from just being included in the data centre game plan into a starring role. LTO6 tape will have a significant density advantage, more capacity on a per form factor basis, ease of use with LTFS and a significant throughput advantage on a per device basis,” says George Crump, Senior Analyst with Storage Switzerland.

NEO Series tape libraries are designed to meet a variety of data storage requirements across the enterprise. Whether it’s small office, remote location data storage or enterprise high-performance applications, customer needs are easily and affordably addressed by the NEO S-Series. High data availability applications are addressed by the NEO E-Series libraries, providing exceptional features, reliability and affordability needed by companies of all shapes and sizes.

“Customers who choose a NEO Series tape library with LTO6 will see an immediate cost of ownership advantage. Combining the incredible storage capacity and speed of LTO6 with NEO’s feature-rich capabilities, compact form factors, superior reliability and unmatched affordability, there’s no better option for long-term data storage,” says Peri Grover, Director of Product Marketing for Overland Storage. “The amount of early demand we’ve seen from customers for LTO6 and the fact that the tape market is expected to grow 45 percent through 2015 is a clear indicator that tape is now, and will be for the foreseeable future, a critical component of any data centre storage hierarchy.”

NEO Series libraries with LTO6 are available for order immediately. For a limited time, Overland Storage is offering incentives to customers who wish to take advantage of the increased capacity and speed LTO6 can bring to their data centre. For more details please contact Drive Control Corporation or visit www.overlandstorage.com.

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DCC announces Overland Storage leap forward in Tape Evolution with LTO6 offerings