Why retailers select Quintica and BMC RemedyForce Service Desks

Retailers don’t always enjoy consolidated IT departments, but rather face the challenge of dispersed environments all fighting towards a common goal. The geographically dispersed environments don’t mean that IT resolution times should suffer especially when cloud based solutions are used.

The cloud-based BMC RemedyForce Service Desk enables retailers to take advantage of a service desk that will allow them to meet business requests no matter where the IT department is based, covering several branches and geographies with one solution.

“Change management is one of the biggest challenges facing retailers, particularly when they have large national footprints that extend right across the country,” states Kerry Evans, Managing Director at Quintica. “With the BMC RemedyForce Service Desk solution this needn’t be a problem as it is all managed in the cloud and incidents can be reported and then teams can either assist remotely or deploy resources to assist with these requests.”

The systems run by retailers, particularly on the POS side are exceptionally business critical, meaning any downtime could result in loss of sales. Logistics and supply chain systems that monitor and manage stock flow and control are also tantamount to the success of the business and downtime is not acceptable in this environment.

When deployed the BMC RemedyForce Service Desk will enable a retailer to cut their service desk wait times from five minutes to 45 seconds, improve call resolution by 90%, allow better tracking of inventory and assets, as well as improve collaboration and enable and better change and incident manage on the system which in turn leads to performance and productivity gains.

“Other benefits of this cloud based solution include the fact that the solution doesn’t need the expansion of the hardware footprint as it can be deployed through a web interface to each team member. It also has a mobile component which means it can be accessed from a mobile device,” adds Evans.

Retailers who implement the BMC RemedyForce solution can also benefit from eliminating hardware management related to the service desk as it sits in the cloud. Incident management becomes more flexible, collaboration is enhanced as a result of the mobile capabilities, and more detailed reporting inherent in RemedyForce will improve visibility of recurring incident patterns.

“It simply makes sense for retailers to start working in the cloud and the RemedyForce solution Quintica is able to bring to the table is an excellent starting point. You will now be able to integrate asset management features so that IT can resolve issues quicker and link management features with ITIL best practices and processes. This in turn will provide better accountability, visibility and flexibility in your IT departments,” ends Evans.

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Why retailers select Quintica and BMC RemedyForce Service Desks