Video wall bigger than a tennis court gives Bharti Airtel complete network view

Nokia Siemens Networks provides unified network and service management dashboard solution to ensure the best possible service quality and user experience

Bharti Airtel has recently unveiled a new Network Experience Centre in Manesar near Gurgaon, India. This center includes a 3600-square-foot video wall powered by Nokia Siemens Networks’ dashboard solution. The solution monitors and analyzes the various aspects of the operator’s entire network operations, and presents them in a unified video view to make monitoring and analysis of Bharti Airtel’s operations simpler and more efficient.

This dashboard solution is different from conventional dashboard, as it provides performance and usage view of Airtel network and services across geographies, mobile services and devices. With this solution, the operator can ensure the best service quality management and customer experience for its customers.

“As data use continues to surge in India, we have consistently evolved our network to provide the best service quality and customer experience to enrich the lives of millions of people,” said Jagbir Singh, CTO & Director, Network Services Group, Bharti Airtel. “With Nokia Siemens Networks’ dashboard solution for unified network and service operations, our Network Experience Centre has set a new standard in the infrastructure of the South Asian telecom industry to monitor and measure the customer experience across entire GSM, 3G and 4G networks. This new centre, with the world’s biggest video wall, is an important addition to our competitive edge in this data-centric world.”

“For any operator that wants to monitor and address issues related to service quality and customer experience, it is vital to have a single, unified, holistic view of all network operations,” said Sandeep Girotra, head of India region at Nokia Siemens Networks. “With our advanced dashboard wall, we integrate insights from key services and customer experience parameters across the length and breadth of Bharti Airtel’s network. It provides a single point assessment of network operations and ensures the optimal management of service quality as well as customer experience.”

Nokia Siemens Networks delivered its dashboard solution for unified network and service operations for Bharti Airtel, using the capabilities of its customer experience management (CEM) portfolio adapted to the operator’s specific requirements. The solution integrates Bharti Airtel’s existing multi-vendor operations support system (OSS) and service monitoring tools deployed in its various network operations centers (NOC) across India.

The integrated view not only takes Bharti Airtel’s network operations to the next level of technology, but also provides important key customer experience insights needed to grow revenue and improve customer satisfaction. This project has applied Nokia Siemens Networks’ system integration experience gained from over 1,850 projects for operators around the world. It has also demonstrated the company’s capability to implement as well as integrate network and service insight from many sources into a single consolidation and visualization layer.

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Video wall bigger than a tennis court gives Bharti Airtel complete network view